Spare A Thought...

Shhh, it's our secret at 6.20am. Have you ever thought about...

  • ...If you replace the “W” in Where, What, When with a “T” you answer the question.

  • ...does Lightning McQueen get car insurance or life insurance?

  • ...why do people say “Tuna Fish” when there's no other type?

  • ...according to your stomach, all potatoes are mashed

  • odd were Cinderella's feet if her shoes would fit nobody else?

  • ...Antarctica is an island yet it has no South coast

  • ...foods you eat inside out: pizza

  • ...the word ambiguous only has one meaning

  • ...the only time the word incorrectly isn’t spelt incorrectly is when it’s spelt incorrectly

  • do vampires always look so neat and tidy if they can’t see themselves in the mirror?

  • ...everything is a smoke machine if you use it badly enough

  • ...why do toilet seats not come with a pedal that raises the lid, like a bin?

  • ...If jobs say "must be fluent in Mandarin", why don't they post the entire ad in Mandarin? That way, only genuinely fluent people could apply.

  • …when you say "forward" or "back", your lips move in those directions.

  • ...your entire life has been leading up to THIS moment, reading this list

  • ...the letter b in the word "subtle", is

  • ...pessimism isn’t all that bad: you’re either always right or nicely surprised

  • ...your car keys have travelled further than your car ever will

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