Lost Pets

Our furry friends are important to us, but sometimes they decide to wander off on their own accord, if you’ve lost a pet or indeed found someone else's then please let us know, you can fill in the form below or phone our reception on 01522 549900. If you’ve lost a pet, then please check below to see if it’s on our list. We do ask that once your pet returns home, you let us know.

Lost and found pets below the form.


Lost Dog 01/08
Chocolate brown 10yrs cocker spaniel bitch teeth missing on bottom right side of jaw brown plastic flea collar timid but friendly microchipped reward offered she is not well and had an appointment with the vets Monday 3rd August police informed posters around area and all over Facebook nothing has been seen of her at all could of been stolen any information is grateful good or bad reward given on either.
August 1st 2020 the oval st Giles Lincoln around 6:30 early morning noticed she was not in her kennel
Please call Karen on 01522 887467 mobile 07456244521

Lost Dog 27/07
5 year old Male Yorkshire Terrier called Baxter, Black and tan and was wearing a red halty at the time he was lost.
Elkington Top / Acthorpe area of Louth
Please call either 07525757839 or 07894736215

Lost Tortoise 30/07
Herman’s tortoise, 13 year old, male.
A note has been put on my gate on 1/8/20 to say he’s been found at the side of the road outside my gate but the mobile number they’ve left has a digit missing.

Please call Julie on 07808765573

Lost Dog 01/08
BISTO. Chocolate cocker spaniel. Female. 10 years old.
Missing since 01/08/20 in LN2 St Giles area
PLease call Laura on 07946792685

Found Dog 29/7
Black male working cocker spaniel. White chest
Please call William    07879072225


Lost Cat
Ginger Fluffy long haired Tabby 11 month old cat
Alfred St Gainsborough
Please call Lindsay 07436952836

Lost Tortoise

26/07/20 Adult male Horsefiled Tortoise, Ruskington

Please call 07539699820

Lost Cat
Toby 11 year old black and white cat white chest and paws with half white mouth
12/07/20 mill Road Addlethorpe Ingoldmells Skegness
Please call Jayne Copley on 07411180308

Lost Cat

Lorraine elding

grey/blue with ginger patches/tortershell. Moon ginger mark on her forehead. Wearing a black collar with moons and stars on. Female spade, 1 half years old. really worried she does have a baby at home who crys for her ( kitten is weaned). We all miss her so much. Were heartbroken.
Lost 11th june 2020 from Wellington Road area Boston
Please call Elaine on 07716413588

Lost Cat
All Black Cat, quite small as only 2 years old, has a red collar with contact details. Answers to name Wispa.

Please call Gail 07342263382

Lost Cat 03/07
Black short haired tom cat called Jack. He is 11 years old. Jack is big in size. Up close he has a few white hairs. Also one of his fangs are chipped. He is neutered and microchipped.
Jack went missing on Burton road/Mill road area on Friday 3rd July lunch time.
Please phone Julia on 07825770550

Lost Cat 28/06
Tabby cat, bright green collar. Ginger mark above nostril. Chipped and neutered.
Please call Kelly on 07508356932

Lost Cat
Small timid cat called Hugo.He is chipped and got a collar.Grey cat ,white muzzle and bib.White paws and Striking yellow/green eyes
Lost Wednesday 24th june 2020
Please call Rachel 07961 750 770


Lost Cat
Female cat named Lucky, 5years old.
Mostly white with black and ginger markings, with all white underbelly and legs.
Quite petite and timid as she was the runt.
North Hykeham
Please call Amelia Burgess 07948205435


Lost Dog 22/06
Black bulldog
Wainfleet area
Please call Joshua 01754223691


Lost Cat 22/06
Her name is: Candy
Tabby cat white under on her belly she is 2 years old last seen Monday 22nd June just before dinner time ,
Addison Drive St Giles area of Lincoln
Please call Holly on 07840 887597


Lost dog 20/06
Brown and white bretton spaniel . He has a blue collar with a name tag of Arthur and a contact number on he has a black nose with a short tail .
Skegness he was lost we believe he was running towards Winthorpe area about 5:40
Please call Jack walton 07872 643428

Lost turtle 17/06
Brown 7 inch turtle. African sideneck. Lost. Monks Road area Lincoln
Please call chris on 07939059483 or email mingertwo@gmail.com

Lost cat 17/06

Her Name is: Nala
She is 1 Years Old
She is Grey with ginger markings across the body, cream patches on her paws along with dark grey rings down her tail
She is a Scottish Fold as well.
Nala isn’t neutered but she is microchipped
And when she went missing she had a blue collar on with a cat shaped pendant
Doddington Park/ Birchwood area on the 17th of June at approximately 12am
Please call Emily on 07853343353

Lost cat 30/05

7 month old black kitten named shadow, in the sunlight you can see stripes down either side like a tabby

Please call Samantha Mills on 07709060725


Lost Dog 07/06

Small black and white dog called Archie
Has a black collar with name and phone number on
07/06/20 lost in Swanholme/Hartsholme park
Please call Ursula on 07810 882105

Lost Cat 01/06

Female Norwegian forrest cat, extremely fluffy, multicoloured tan colour with black and white markings, she is very distinctive and quite large for a female cat missing from Merlin Road area Scunthorpe

Please call Holly 07506 248388

Lost Cat 14/05

Ginger and white tabby male 2 years old
May 14th Halton road; spilsby
Please call Joanne 07311267071

Lost Cat 15/05

Fluffy grey/white male cat. Long fur. Called Willow.13 yrs old and chipped.
Lost. 15 may. At night. Kexby village. Gainsborough.
Please call Dawn 07941872532


Lost Cat 11/05

Teddy is a 2 year old male cat, half tabby and half white. He is larger than average. He is neutered.
 lost from garden on Aurelius Way, North Hykeham. Has been possible sightings all over Manor Farm Estate.

Please call Joshua Davie 07802808952

Lost Dog 08/05

small beagle cross. white with black ears and black patch on back. 7 years old. not microchipped, called bonnie

 LN6 7QD
 Please call Annette 07753959524

Stolen Dog 10/05

Blue merle border collie. Seen in a white van. Stolen. Not straying. 20000236343 crime reference number with any info
9th of May. Wragby
Lisa Codd 07931427820

Found Dog 10/05

Female Yorkshire Terrier, no collar or identification. Friendly and social.
10 May 18:30, Hillside Avenue near Monks Road, Lincoln
Please contact Becky on 07810 254638

Lost Cat 08/05

White Cornish Rex female 4 years old.
Beaf, blue eyes, white short wavy coat.

Please call Nelly 07737353269

Lost Cat 04/05

Large male fluffy black cat with white paws white bib and white patch on nose 6 years old
 Hawthorn chase
Please call Marie 07949817060

Lost Kitten 03/05

Lost long haired black & white 8 month old kitten Please contact Fiona on 07751493497

Found Dog 27/04

Found small black dog possibly Staffi cross in the Brant Road area of Lincoln. Please contact Ronald on 07961216522

Lost Parrot 20/04

Lost African Grey Parrot from the Saxilby area. Please contact either Sean on 07411469758 or Joanne on 07881371834.

Lost Ferret 02/04

Lost silver ferret in the uphill area of Lincoln. Please contact Mark on 01522 544459

Lost Cat 02/04

All black female cat, Grimsby Road, Louth area since 16th March.She's 13 but appears younger to petite build. Called Squealer. Vulnerable as unfamiliar to the area, we just moved here. Contact lourmac402@yahoo.co.uk

Lost Dogs 30/03

Lost 2 puppies 1 Black Frenchie & 1 Brindle Frenchie x Pug. Missing from the Ermine East area of Lincoln. Contact Abbie on 07526844847.

Found Dogs 19/03

2 spaniels - 1 black & white the other beige colour found on Tilbridge Lane. Contact Lauren on 07840170586

Lost Cat 11/03

2 year old male ginger cat named Gary. Neutered and microchipped. Thinks he's a real tiger! Was let out on Monday evening but has not returned. His stomping ground is in the Wellholme Road/Wellholme Galleries area. Contact 07752200604

Lost Dog 09/03

Black & white (Blue Roan) female Cocker Spaniel 5th March area LN12 2RJ Sandilands, one sighting at 5pm in the area of Crabtree Lane, Huttoft Road.. Could be anywhere between Sutton on Sea and Huttoft or even further, no sightings now for 24 hours, if someone has her please contact Jessica on 07951092743 or 07951092768

Found Dogs 09/03

Found 2 brown spaniels Sunday evening 8th March near Tealby. Contact Bridie on 01673 838348

Lost Cat 09/03

(Microchipped) Ginger Tom cat with fully white paws and chest, striped ginger and white tail and full ginger face with a distinctive white smudge on the nose. Missing from Harby (NG23) Nottinghamshire. Contact Maria on 07799 332701

Lost Cat 09/03

Grey female tabby cat, missing from Woodhall Spa since 6th March. Contact Danielle on 07908450844

Lost Dog 04/03

2 year old male Chocolate Labrador named Winston. Very friendly. Missing since 4th March from the Fiskerton area. Contact Micheala on 07388810457 or 01522 262141

Found Male Cockatiel 29/02

Now at Potty About Pets in Louth. Has leg ring, very tame. Tel 01507 603621.

Lost Cat 25/02

Mary - 4-5 month old cat. Missing from Skellingthorpe, Queensway area. Dark tabby with slight ginger tabby on inside of legs. Pink check collar on. Missing since 24/02 at approx 1100hrs. Please contact Katrina on 07496173275

Lost Dogs 06/02

2 dogs - 1 Lab & 1 Border Terrier missing from the Carlton Le Moorland/Broughton area. Please call Paul on 07940330907

Lost Dog 20/01

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, brown and white. Called Lady, she's deaf. Missing since 16/01/20 from Althorpe near Scunthorpe. Please contact Karen on 07894106673,

Lost Cat 17/01

Large fluffy black and white cat called Pickle, chipped much loved. Missing since 21st December from Gladstone Terrace, Grantham. Tel Molly on 07796154603

Found Dog 16/01

Found Tan coloured Lurcher in Skegness close to Burgh Le Marsh. Contact Annie on frededkins@gmail.com

Lost Cat 06/01

Teddy, long haired, neutered, tabby male cat, (although mobile numbers are the same, details not updated since we moved from Watford, Herts. Missing from Digby LN4 3LY. Please contact Sue on 07966180606.

Lost Cat 06/01

Ginger cat. He didn't come home and it's not like him to miss a meal. Went missing 2nd January at Lakeside, Scunthorpe. Please contact Gemma on 07876027606



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