Lost Pets

Our furry friends are important to us, but sometimes they decide to wander off on their own accord, if you’ve lost a pet or indeed found someone else's then please let us know, you can fill in the form below or phone our reception on 01522 549900. If you’ve lost a pet, then please check below to see if it’s on our list. We do ask that once your pet returns home, you let us know.

Lost and found pets below the form.

Lost Cat 13/12

Missing since 7th December, friendly although doesn't like to be picked up or handled, small black and white female cat. Normally doesn't venture far from her home in Bridge Street, Grantham. Please check your sheds, garages and outbuildings/ Any details please message on 07863 338111.

Lost Dog 5/12

Small x breed little csruffy dog, mostly black with flash of white, very friendly, neutered male aged 7 called Boson. Chipped and with contact details on his tag also wearing Orbibloc light and tracker. Lost from Heath Farm Lane, Sudbrook NG32 3RZ at 10.30am yesterday Wednesday 4th December. Please contact Julie on 07717303972

Lost Dog 29/11

Staffy white and brindle 15 years old. Please contact Claire on 07513957341

Lost Dog 26/11

White Bichon Frise female dog "Teddy". Missing from Bassingham, Friday 22nd November. Please contact Abby on 07875042689 or 07599100004

Lost Dog 22/11

Lost Staffi x Whippet, brindle colour, called Rosie. Missing from the Wainfleet area. Please contact Richard on 07769974398

Lost Cat 13/11

Large male cat, tabby with dark markings on his body and a white chin. He also has a weepy right eye. Last seen on 13th November Eyam Way, Grantham Lincolnshire. Please call Jamie Lee Manuel on 07739 062611.

Lost Dog 13/11

Black long haired Chihuahua with white blaze on face, 4 tan legs with white socks. Last seen on 13th November around 9.30am from Hemswell Cliff area. Please contact Ryan Lancaster on 07484 155068.

Found Cat 13/11

Black and white boy cat. About 6 months old. Not chipped. Neutered. Found in the Brant Road area. Please contact Rebecca on 07583989186

Lost Cat 13/11

Savanah cat, spotty male, neutered, young. Missing from the Louth area. Please contact Torman Beckiwest76@yahoo.co.uk

Lost Cat 11/11

She's a grey/brown and white house cat with a white stripe down her nose. She went on the 26/9 from St Giles. Please contact Caroline on 07885460916

Lost Cat 21/10

Mostly white with ginger and black/grey on head back & tail, short haired cat, very small, looks only 6 months old, has a foreign chip registered to my name but not up to date details. Missing from the North Hykeham area since Tuesday 8th October. Contact Tatum on 07494659908

Lost Horse & Pony 18/10

Large horse with dark blue rug on & pony with purple rug on. Missing from the Carlton Scroop area. Any sightings please contact Karen on 07950 751869

Lost Dog 15/10

Black Labrador, gun dog, bitch. Went missing this morning from Langton by Wragby. Name on collar and micro chipped. Please ccontact Mrs Ginn on 01673 857446

Lost Cat 11/10

Male cat, black & brown tabby. Has white back legs and white bib. Missing from the Boultham Park Road area of Lincoln. Please check sheds & garages. Please contact Cynthia on 01522 536564

Lost Cat 10/10

Dibley is a white and ginger long haired cat.  He was wearing a blue felt collar with a bell on it.  Last seen in Hemswell Cliff.   Telephone Lorna on 07901 871431

Lost Dog 9/10

Red cocker spaniel in the Torksey area.  It is wearing a collar with a contact number on it.  If found could you contact 07900 903477 also.

Lost Dog 08/10

Pomeranian x Bichon - the size of a Westie. White/Cream colour with brown fluffy tail. Called Martha. Missing from the South Reston area near the Waggon and Horses. May have travelled across the fields. Very timid, is a rescue dog. Please contact Rosa on 01507 450407.

Lost Cat 03/10

Toby Tabby cat, dark and light brown with a white chest and paws. Light brown birthmark near his nose. Location near Miller and Carter/new housing estate. 8 years old. Neutered and chipped. Contact 07411462291



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