Lincs at Large

We are out and about across Lincolnshire and Newark all this week, broadcasting live from a different place each day...and having some fun while we're at it.


Keep listening to hear what we'll be up to with Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership. Plus check back here for all the photos and audio.



Ross Garrigan went to Pink Pig Farm near Scunthorpe. He had a great day out, mucking around in the pig pens (sorry, we couldn't resist) and playing on the giant play area. Have a listen to what he got up to ...

Ross saw some adorable one day old piglets:

A lovely tractor ride through the commercial pig section (where the bacon comes from).

Ross races a child... and loses...

Giant indoor play area + slide + Ross. Guess what happened next.



Ross went to a supermarket in Spalding to hand out some bike lights and eat lots of donuts (that second bit was his idea!).

While he was there, he met some massive dogs!

And his tannoy-dreams were crushed.



Ross went to Tattershall Castle. He's lived in Lincolnshire all his life but somehow he's never been to visit!

First things first, a quick introduction to the castle from the man in charge of looking after it.

Ross tried his hand at being a history teacher. We're not sure it's his future calling!

Rob Hammond loves Tattershall Castle and set Ross a challenge for his visit.



Ross went to Cleethorpes. He couldn't decide on just one thing to do while he was there so he did as much as he could fit into a day!

Behind the scenes in the Parkway Cinema.

Ross had a go at serving Nachos... he got told off quite quickly.

Pleasure island has a big roller coaster called The Boomerang. Ross has lost all credibility.



Ross's final stop was Skegness Aquarium. It's brand new and there are lots of fish to see (and even some sharks!)

He had a go at feeding the baby fish and sharks. We don't think he'll be getting a job as a fish-carer anytime soon.

The aquarium has some very scary animals that some guests even get to handle! Have a listen to this (and don't forget to look for the pictures below).


Sorry, it looks like we can't show this photo album.



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