Daily Dozen

Daily Dozen is a brand new exciting chance for you to test your skills to try and win money!

12 general knowledge questions, how many can you get right? Will you reach the illusive Daily Dozen and get them all correct?

We play every weekday morning after 11am. John Marshall will be your quiz master - but get one wrong and the competition stops.

If you can get the most questions right over the week - you'll win £100!

So, get your mates, work buddies and everyone you know gathered around the radio and see how many you can get right. The more help you've got to answer the questions - the better!

If you fancy playing, just fill in your details below - and we'll be in touch!






Terms and Conditions: We will randomly select people to play, one person/team plays per weekday. You must be based in the Lincs FM transmission area. In the case of a tie over the course of a week of play, the money will be shared equally between the winning teams/entrants.