Bits Of Begley



Heard Joseph talking about the pips from Sir Issac Newton's tree at Woolsthorpe Manor that went into space? They're now saplings and SKDC and the National Trust want to help find them a home. You can apply online and find more details here...




Circus Skills

Joseph's always dreamed of running away from it all to join the circus but could he perfect one of the most simple circus skills? Thanks to Russell's International Circus



Mini Golf

Joseph told us that he'd never played crazy golf before (he had a very sheltered childhood) so we sent him to Oddballs in Cleethorpes to try his hand at it...




The first of Joseph's summer challenges - blindfolded, can he beat Rob and escape the firefighting cage fastest at Skegness Fire Station?






It's exam season! So Joseph roped in John and Rob to do a SATs test, as sat by 10 year olds. Who do you think was a straight A student and who failed to pass?

Rock Me Amadeus!

We discovered they were selling some pretty odd flavours of seaside rock in Skeggy and Cleethorpes so we gave them a taste-test - garlic bread flavour anyone?


Do you know what flossing is? It's all the rage with the 'youngsters' and Joseph being the #hip and #trendy guy he was tried to learn. It didn't work out well. Thanks to Blyton Dental and Bishop King Primary School for lending a hand!

Joseph Tries (And Fails) To Learn Flossing

Do you know what #FLOSSING is? Joseph tried (and failed) to learn how to do it... thanks to Blyton Dental and Bishop King CE Primary School for helping us out!

Posted by Lincs FM on Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Scream if you want to go faster!

Joseph foolishly told us he'd never been on a rollercoaster before so we forced him to go one one at Fantasy Island... and then got him and Rob to try a couple of their new rides for 2018

Joseph Rides A Rollercoaster For The First Time

Joseph agreed to go on his first ever rollercoaster... and what a shame a camera was there to record the whole thing! At least Rob was present to hold his hand! Thanks to Fantasy Island for letting us have a ride. ?

Posted by Lincs FM on Wednesday, April 25, 2018
Fantasy Island: Joseph & Rob try two new rides!

Does watching this make anyone else feel a bit queasy? Joseph and Rob have been trying out two of the great new rides at Fantasy Island! ?

Posted by Lincs FM on Monday, April 23, 2018


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