Woman jailed after fatal crash with motorcyclist in Horsington

Ayres (left) has been jailed for her role in the death of David Kirk (right)

A driver who caused a fatal crash in Horsington while chatting on her hands free phone has been jailed for 3 years.

34 year old Samantha Ayres was on the wrong side of the road when she hit a motorcylist on Baumber Road last November.

Motorcyclist 27 year old David Kirk died after the crash.

During the trial Greg Purcell, prosecuting, told the jury "At the point of the collision Samantha Ayres drove her Ford Fiesta on entirely the wrong side of the road.

"She hit David Kirk who was riding his motorcycle in the opposite direction. She hit him head-on. David Kirk was correctly positioned in the opposite lane.

"There is no good reason for Samantha Ayres to be on the wrong side of the road at the point of impact.

"David Kirk suffered fatal injuries in the collision. Police and paramedics tried to save his life. Nothing could be done to save his life and he died at the scene.

"After the collision Mrs Ayres claimed she had hit a pot hole or a rut and that had caused her to lose control.

"The scene was investigated by an accident investigator and there is no evidence to support this account. There is no evidence that either vehicle braked before the collision."

Lincolnshire Police have released this image of Ayres' Fiesta after the crash:

David Kirk's motorcycle was shattered by the force of the impact:

During sentencing Judge J P J Pini QC said: "No words are adequate to describe the profound sense of shock, desolation, pain and loss that will remain with Mr Kirks family forever. 

"For him to lose his life in this way is as irrational as it is unfair. Nothing I say can turn the clock back. No sentence will ever begin to make amends for his death."

At the time of the collision Ayres was using a legal hands free system which was fitted to her car. She admitted making four calls before the crash and was still connected at the time of the collision.

In a statement, David Kirk's family said: "David was killed in the collision with Mrs Ayres, it wasn’t an accident as the evidence has shown it could have been avoided by simply driving with proper care and attention. 

"As a result of the driving of Mrs Ayres our family now has to live with this tremendous loss. Alyssa had just turned one when her daddy was killed, she has her whole life to live without her daddy.

"As a family we all talk about David with Alyssa and she will know what a wonderful man her father is but she will not have any genuine memories about him. 

"People say time heals but we all wake up every morning with the same pain we felt the day it happened, hoping it was a horrible nightmare and then having to go through another day without seeing David’s cheeky smile or hearing his voice.

"Time does not heal; we as a family are just learning how to hide our true emotions and the heartache this has caused."

Ayres, from West Street in Horncastle, was found guilty of causing death by dangerous driving earlier this month.

She's also been banned from driving for 4 and a half years and will have to pass an extended test after she's served her ban.

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