New rules could tackle problem gambling across Lincolnshire

The maximum stake on fixed-odds betting terminals is to be reduced, which could mean big changes in the UK's 'betting shop capital' - Grimsby.

Ministers have announced new restrictions on controversial betting machines, which campaigners blame for a rise in problem gambling.

A widespread fixture in high street betting shops, they currently allow punters to spend £100 per 20-second spin.

Earlier this year Grimsby was named as the betting capital of the UK when you look at the number of such machines compared to people.

A long-awaited review into the industry by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, published this morning, has recommended various four options for cutting the maximum stake to £2, £20, £30 and £50.

Bookmaking giants have lobbied against cuts to the stakes on fixed-odds betting terminals.

They say a cut to £2 would cost 20,000 jobs and £1.1bn in tax revenue by 2020.

The Labour Party, as well as campaigners, councils and faith groups have campaigned for years for the stake to be cut to £2, in line with arcade games such as fruit machines.

Lincs FM's Kathy Green took a closer look at the issue:


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