Elderly dog put down after being dumped in Grimsby park

She was found abandoned in a box last week.

The RSPCA say they're 'extremely sad' at having to put down an elderly dog, who was found dumped in a box in park in Grimsby.

The female black labrador cross was discovered in Grant Thorold Park but had to be put to sleep due to her age and health.

RSPCA inspector Daniel Bradshaw said: “This poor old girl was collapsed, emaciated, had fur loss on her back end and her nails were overgrown. She was also going blind.

“Despite the vets doing everything possible for her over several days she just wasn’t improving, and still couldn’t stand, so the decision was made to put her to sleep on humane grounds. It’s extremely sad.”

“Luckily it seems as though she was probably found not long after being dumped, as her rescuer said she didn’t seem to be cold."

“She experienced a lot of love and TLC over the last few days of her life, from the woman who found her and helped her to the fantastic staff at Clee Vets."

She wasn't microchipped but the RSPCA are looking to trace the owner, who could face animal cruelty charges.

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