'Doer-uppers' in North East Lincolnshire get chance for cheaper housing

Handy with a paintbrush or good with repairs? Local home-buyers are getting a helping hand onto the property ladder.

Fancy owning a home in Cleethorpes, Grimsby or Immingham for 35% below the market rate? You could if you're willing to do it up.

'Doer-uppers' in North East Lincolnshire are getting the chance to revive and renovate empty homes for cheaper than the market price.

Shoreline Housing are offering people homes in Grimsby, Cleethorpes and Immingham for up to 35% less than the going rate - if they're willing to pitch in to do them up.

It's hoped it'll help more people onto the ladder, as it's only open to first time buyers who already live locally.

Instead of flogging the homes off to developers, the charity have decided to give a helping hand to people looking to buy their first home.

Some of the homes, many of which are on the Nunsthorpe Estate, can be bought for as little as £18,200.

Mark Jones, Shoreline's Director of Operations, told us: "rather than just auction them off, send them to other landlords or developers or even people outside the area, (we thought) what could we do that could help local residents?"

"We thought a 'doer-upper' scheme would actually fit with our ethos as a charity."

"We wanted to encourage home ownership (to) help the community, help the streets and the areas where we've got these properties... and also help the individuals who want to own their own home" he added.

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