Lost Pets

Our furry friends are important to us, but sometimes they decide to wander off on their own accord, if you’ve lost a pet or indeed found someone else's then please let us know, you can fill in the form below or phone our reception on 01522 549900. If you’ve lost a pet, then please check below to see if it’s on our list. We do ask that once your pet returns home, you let us know.

Lost and found pets below the form.

Lost 15/10

Older Springer Spaniel Rescue Dog, ruby/brown in colour. Lost on 11th October from Waddington. Please contact Tracey on 07712 608585.

Lost 12/10

Tabby female cat, blue collar with ID, called Ella. Lost on 3rd October from Burton Waters. Please contact Judith on 07904 962244.

Lost 09/10

Miniature Dachshund, female, cream coloured. Lost on 8th October from Caenby Corner. Please contact Lynn on 07732 067271.

Lost 09/10

12 year old, blind pug, biscuit colour, originally black face, but now very grey, wearing white harness with Blind Dog written on it. Lost on 8th October from Drummond Road, Skegness. Please contact Jacqui on 07814 716379.

Lost 03/10

Large ginger and white neutered male cat, very friendly. Lost on 20th September from Rockingham Close, Doddington Park. Please contact Zoe on 07919 917736.

Lost 03/10

Ginger and white long haired, very fluffy female, no collar, very friendly. Lost on 29th September from West Marsh, Grimsby. Please contact Sophie on 07871 203223.

Lost 02/10

Large grey an white tabby cat. Lost on 24th September from Doddington Road, Lincoln. Please contact Liz on 07807 266584.

Lost 01/10

White and black Cat answers to Jess or Jessica, saggy belly, 16 years old. Lost on 29th September. Please contact Lorraine on 07379 086304.

Lost 01/10

Black and white Spaniel, short with long fluffy ears, no collar. Lost on 30th September. Please contact Angela on 07731 450680.

Lost 01/10

Black long haired furry Cat named Kiwi. Friendly, but doesn't have a collar. Lost on 24th September from Elsham Golf Club. Please contact Stacey on 07818 575990.

Found 01/10

Female, Jack Russell. Found on 29th September from Eastfield Road, Louth. Please contact Nicola on 07703 834795.

Found 28/09

Small bird. Size of a budgie, red, yellow and blue feathers. Found in Old Clee area 28/09/2018. Please contact Megan on 07908 387336.

Lost 22/09

Black and Tan Yorkshire Terrier wearing a red collar. Lost on 22nd September from Brigg Road, Hibaldstow. Please contact Davinia on 07956 771743.

Lost Cat 21/09

Grey russian blue male cat with a small white patch on neck. Neutered and microchipped. Lost on 11th September from Old Leake in Boston. Please contact Leila on 07494 679317.

Lost Cat 20/09

9 year old cat, microchipped to Fishtoft. Lost on 18th September from Grange Crescent, Lincoln. Please contact Phoebie on 01522 822845 or 07729 682403.

Lost Cat 19/09

Tabby cat with white paws and main. She answers to the name Phoebe shes 9 years old. Last seen in Lincoln Grange Crescent North Hykeham. Please contact Shane on 01522 803663.

Lost Cat 13/09

Long haired cat, large, ginger, male. Lost on 9th September. Please contact Mark on 01472 399483

Lost Dog 10/09

Grey Bedlington Terrier called Milly shes very old. Lost at Knaith Woods Gainsborough on the 9th September. She has a engraved collar on. Please contact Jacqueline on 01427 677227. 

Lost Cat 10/09

Semi-long haired tabby, female called Booboo, who is neutered and chipped. 18 months old, with a pink bell collar and distinctive black fluffy tail. Lost os 6th September from Winnowsty House. Please contact Diana on 07450 951264.

Lost Cat 07/09

White and grey male semi-long haired cat, been neutered and microchipped. He's called Harold. He was recently adopted from Skegness Cats Protection and new to the Boston area. Last seen on the 30th August at Harrow Place, Sleaford Road Boston. Please contact Fiona Smith on 07827 553496.

Lost Cat 07/09

5 year old Ginger cat. Lost on 5th September from Trusthorpe. Please contact Sandra on 07756 447499.

Lost Dog 07/09

Ginger and white Terrier, goes by the name 'Freddie'. Lost on 6th September from Cleethorpes. Last seen on 7th September around North Sea Lane area near the Golf Course. Please contact Emma on 07545 989168.

Lost Cat 06/09

Long haired black cat with white paws and white belly. Last seen on 28th August in Fulstow near Louth. Please call Ben Allen 07717 535288 

Lost Cat 03/09

3 year old, white and ginger male cat, amber eyes and chipped. Lost on 19th July from Wilsford. Please contact Amanda on 07507 718895.

Lost Cat 03/09

Log haired grey cat with distinctive white diamond on his forehead. 2 years old, neutered male. Lost on 27th August from Constance Avenue, North Hykeham. Please contact Danielle on 07841 420293.

Lost Dog 30/08

3 year old black male Chihuahua wearing a red bandana round his neck. Lost today 4.30pm at Summerlands caravan park Skegness. Please call Carl on 07761 761219.

Lost Dog 30/08

10 month old Bloodhound, black and tan. Lost on 30th August from Keal Cotes near Spilsby. Please contact Martin on 07836 691110.

Lost Cat 30/08

Small cat, dark grey, with small scar on the left side. Lost on 29th August from Ermine East, Lincoln. Please contact Luana on 07506 127934.

Lost Cat 29/08

Small female, black cat with white paws and tummy. 15 months old and very timid named Ruby. Lost on 25th August from Bargate, Lincoln. Please contact Emily on 07548 178272.

Lost Cat 28/08

Black and white spayed male cat. Last seen on Picton Street near the uni roundabout on Saturday 18th August. Please call Emily Gilbert on 07491 818247.

Lost Cat 25/08

Large black cat. Neutered and Microchipped. Lost in Heighington (Edward Barker Road). Last seen on Tuesday 21st. Please call Amy Cerrino on 07850 422895.

Lost Cat 24/08

Roscoe the cat went missing on Monday 27th August from Bennington. Hes Microchipped and Neutered. Hes a good size male brown tabby with white marking on his nose and chest, he also has a black stripe on the top of his head. Please call Stephan on 07814 251925.

Found Dog 23/08

Little black pug dog. Found on 23rd August near Waddington Fire Station. Been taken to Park View Animal Hospital, North Hykeham. Please contact them on 01522 683300. 

Lost Dog 23/08

Tabby, 3 year old male called Toby, neutered/microchipped very slender due to being part bengal. Very long, thin tail, good natured but no collar. Lost on 20th August from Keelby. Please contact Julie on 07854 226907 or 01469 561008.

Found Dog 22/08

Brindle male staffy, friendly, well cared for, no collar. Found on 22nd August on Churchill Road, North Somercotes. Please contact Pat on 07888 850578.

Lost Cat 22/08

Semi long haired tabby cat. 9 years old female called Rosie. Last seen near Sturton by stow 13th August. Please call Victoria Hunter 07779 263091.

Lost Cat 21/08

Light/pale ginger cat, 5 years old, very friendly, answers to the name of Lambert or Lambie, no collar. Lost on 18th August from Woodhall Spa. Please contact Brian on 07468 491571.

Lost Cat 21/08

Short haired brown tabby cat, female. Normally a house cat shes really timid. Shes wearing a pink collar. She went missing from our window. Lost on 14th August on Meadow Rise, Saxilby Lincoln. Please contact David on 01522 702634 or 07944 669166

Lost Dog 21/08

Maize - Black Labrador/Spaniel. 4 years old. No collar. Very friendly. Lost on 18th August from Keddington, Louth. Please contact John on 01507 327284 or 07831 711814.

Lost Cat 21/08

Black and white nutuered Tom cat wearing red collar answers to the name Tommy or Tom. Last seen on Spilsby road Wainfleet on the 17th August. Please contact Denys Newton on 07874 325207.

Lost Dog 17/08

Small grey Terrier, last seen in Ermine West, Lincoln. There will be award. Please contact George on 01522 530073.

Lost Cat 17/08

Large British short haired cat, grey fur, large blue eyes, dark grey ears and tail. Answers to Ollie. Last seen in North Hykeham on the 16th August. Please contact Thomas on 07933 072555

Found Love Bird 17/08

Baby Love Bird found in Heighington 17th August Morning. Please contact David on 07889 416266.

Lost Cat 16/08

Big, fluffy, ginger male cat. Approx 4 years old. Answers to Maw name. Talkative and friendly cat. Micro-chipped. Last seen on Cranwell Street/ Dixon Street area, LN5. Please contact Agne on 07846 856987.

Lost Cat 15/08

Large Tabby cat, big green eyes, distinctive black tiger like stripes across body, stomach hangs slightly with heavily coated white fur on stomach. Last seen wearing a gold glittery collar with bell. Lost on 6th July from Metheringham. Please contact Joshua on 07590 246720.

Lost 13/08

African Grey Parrot, ringed and called Winston, 18 weeks old. Lost on 9th August from Immingham. Please contact David on 07949 875672.

Lost Cat 13/08

White long haired cat, neutered, about 12 years old, answers to the name of Clyde. Lost on 6th August from Southrey, Lincoln. Please contact Lisa on 07795 810636.

Found Dog 10/08

2 spaniels, one dark brown boy and one tanned smaller girl. Found in Burwell near Louth. Please contact Jane on 01507 480239.

Lost Dog 08/08

Black Labrador with white flash on chest. Lost on 7th August from Skellingthorpe. Please contact Doreen on 07905 065478 or 01522 685206.

Lost Cat 07/08

Grey long haired cat, male, neutered and micro-chipped. Lost in Keelby, Grimsby. Please call Kimberley on 07821 580817.

Lost Cat 06/08

Short haired ginger and white male cat called Lewis. Lost on 31st July from Nettleton. Please contact Kimberly on 07725 908133.

Lost Cat 03/08

13 week old kitten, brown with ginger markings. Lost on 2nd August from Nettleham. Please contact Becki on 07933 000214.

Lost Cat 01/08

Female 1 year old spayed tabby cat with white under neck, belly and on all her feet. Last seen on the 29th July in Wainfleet at co-op shop. Please contact Rebecca Brunie on 01754 881695, 07874 925478.