Lost Pets

Our furry friends are important to us, but sometimes they decide to wander off on their own accord, if you’ve lost a pet or indeed found someone elses then please let us know, you can fill in the form below or phone our reception on 01522 549900. If you’ve lost a pet then please check below to see if it’s on our list. We do ask that once your pet returns home, you let us know.

Lost and found pets below the form.


Lost Dog 17/04
Border Terrier, 1 year old, tan coat, just had hair cut, wearing black harness, very friendly, called Reggie. Very important member of the family. Missing since 16/04/14 at approx 16.30pm from St George's Estate off Long Leys Road, Lincoln. Tel Damien 07852808220.

Found Tortoise 17/04
Adult tortoise, found on 15/04/14 Newlands Avenue, Scunthorpe. Tel Julie 07583260686

Lost Cat 17/04
Tabby neutered male short hair. Hamish is 3 years old, micro chipped and has half his tail missing. Missing from the Elm drive/Canal area of Louth. Didn't come home on Sunday 13/4/2014. Tel 07765447562.

Lost Cat 15/04
Black cat with a white patch under her belly. She is called Custard and is very friendly. She's about 2 years old. Lost between 14th & 15th April in North Hykeham near the Manor Farm Estate. Tel Christopher 07870804155.

Found Dog 14/04
Black Lab, young. Has collar and name tag. She's fine been fed and watered. Just sat in the sun having some fuss waiting for someone to contact me. Found in the High Street area of Cherry Willingham. tel Jamie 07815872506

Lost Cat 14/04
5 month old pure black cat, femal, petite. No collar called Lego. Very friendly. Missing from the Woodvale Close/Abingdon Avenue area of Doddington Park, Lincoln. Tel Phillipa on 07525369527

Found Dog 14/04
Yorkshire Terrier small, very timid her name is Suzie. Colour Black/Brown. Found 12th April, Grunnell Close, Skegness area.. Tel 07900466952.

Found Cat 14/04
Large smokey grey female cat, very friendly. Found in a garden in Upgate, near St James Church, Taken to The Ark, North Somercotes. Tel 01507 354464

Lost Dog 14/04
Small tan & white Jack Russell dog 10 and a half years old. Called Maisie. Last seen at lunchtime 12/04/14. No collar but is micro chipped. Missing from Hoop Lane, Langton by Wragby. Please call Carolyn on 01673 857922 or 07972103919

Lost Cat 14/04
Blacky brown big cat really fluffy, may have a blue collar with diamante studs. His name is Spike. Lost in Burgh Le Marsh. Can't miss him very big. Lost 4 April. Tel Kimberley 07721601889/01754 810318.

Lost Cat 14/04
White, red long coat Chiwuaua dog dotty, very shy. Reward for safe return. Lost 9/4/14 Gainsborough DN21 area, last seen Foxby Hill Road area, also Carr Road near railway bridge and B & Q areas. Tel Tina 07557905313

Lost Dog 14/04
friendly tan and black Border Terrier, 8 years old. Lost on 11/04 at about 10am in the Laughton Lane area of Morton, Gainsborough. Tel Hayley on 07789901911

Lost cat 10/04
Brown tabby female cat. (concerned as we have only moved a few days ago). Lost on the 9/04/2014 High Holme Road, Louth. Tel Amanda 07794412749.

Found Rabbit 9/04
Very friendly lovely brown pet rabbit, found on Lady Meers Road, Cherry Willingham on 8th April. Tel Mr & Mrs Brown 07759775769.

Lost dog 8/04
Lost chiwawa, long haired, golden and white, went from Stanfields Lane, Gainsborough, she went today at around 11am today, please call Shelly Lyle on 01427 677080 or 077806 93403

Lost cat 8/04
11 Month black and grey tabby male, small in size, no collar but is chipped. Name is Frank, very curious so please check sheds if in local area. Call 07738075150, reward if found. 07/04/2014 missing from Grove Crescent/Millers Avenue area of Cleethorpes, off Carr lane. 07738075150 Paul Stringer

Lost cat 7/04
We have just moved to Lower waddington and our jet black cat Binx went missing last night. He hasn't got a collar but is microchipped to our old address in RAF Waddington. He is very timid around people he doesn't know but does wag his tail like a dog if you see him. Contact Clare 07796690580

Lost cat 7/04
Lost cat, black and white short haired, I year old, with a black moustache, micro chipped, male neutered, went 4 days ago from the Birchwood area, please call Becky on 01522 800145

Lost 7/04

Lost dog 7/04
neutered 1 year old male short haired black and white cat mostly black with white paws belly chin and similar markings to the felix cat on his face. wearing a bright yellow reflective collar Mid March, Harold Street Grimsby 07454925048 Emily

Lost dog 7/04
Tan grizzlle border terrier puupy  He is 5 months old called fergus. Microchipped. Has brown leather collar on. Large reward for his safe return. Friday 4 April in Normanby by Spital 07900110135 Sally Morrish

Lost 7/04
Tortoiseshell female cat. Called Bella. Wearing red color white feet very friendly. Front canine tooth missing. Not microchipped.Missing from Saxon gardens fishtoft Boston from 4th April 01205 310640 or 07940241674 reporting for close friend

Lost Dog 7/04
Bassett hound x beagle female, found Lincoln last night 5th April. Contact 07720918900 Laura noutch

Found Budgie 7/04
David Neal from Bennington nr to Boston’s just called to say there’s a green and yellow budgie in his garden that’s not his!David’s no is 01205 761367/ 07887 535468

Lost dog 7/04
White Siberian husky male about one year old, lost from eastville Boston on Sunday 6 April about 8.30am 01205 270344, 07970391775 Karen measures

Lost cat 7/04
Ginger and white long haired cat, aged 14. Much loved pet and being missed by three little girls.Sat 5th April - Hykeham Road, Lincoln 07568091221 Katie

Lost cat 4/04
Lost Bengal cat – male – grey spotted bengal– he went from Ancaster area on Monday – he is micro chipped but the details are old and need updating – hes called Fella – wearing a red collar – a little timid - please call Vivian on 01400 230 708

Lost dog 4/04
Small jack russel (female) ,mostly white with brown spots.Daisy has one ear up and one down no collar. 07526482167 Sarah

Found cat 3/04
Snow marbled Bengal, first heard 4 weeks ago, but first seen Monday 24th march, very thin, very nervous but getting friendlier, Saltfleetby. Contact Ysanne 07765890350.

Lost cat 1/04
Ginger & white short haired male cat called Biscuit. Stocky, quite timid. Just re-homed so no collar or ID tags but chipped. Still registered to previous owner. Went missing overnight 31st March from the Millstream Road area of Heighington. Tel Keith 07779723480.

Lost cat 1/04
Large black short haired male cat. Wearing a dark blue collar with a red ID disc with a fish in it. Answers to the name Shadow. Has bald patches on his back legs/back end from over licking himself. 27/03/2014 Farebrother street, Grimsby area 01472 322445 Dawn Pounds

Lost cat 1/04
male short haired black and white cat called jifty, 10 months old , very friendly and slightly fat, distintive black ears with white hairs inside 30th march, albion close, long leys road area jo hudson 07821290692

Lost cat 31/03
Around 8 years old, black & white with a few ginger marks and she has no tail. Lost from the Furze Hill Coats by Stow area. Tel Paul 07746182921 or 01427 787646.

Lost dog 31/03
A young, white labrador girl , with a bit yellowish coat 28 th of march in Boston ,Lincs, Boston Marine, Carlton road. 07936977661 Irin Bobrik

Found dog 31/03
Small German Shepard, Black and Tan in colour, no colour, could be chipped but we don't know. 29th march 2014 at 08:00am found between Woodhall spa and Tattershall 07765320233 Peter stamp

Lost dog 31/03
Neighbour's miniature sheltie escaped, Lincoln Road, Branston. She's an elderly lady so I am getting in touch on her behalf. 29/03/14 Lincoln Road, Branston 07927633087 sarah

Lost cat 31/03
Black and white cat about 6months old male recently neutered and micro chipped was wearing a green collar and id tag mainly black with white belly feet and bib last seen evening of 17th march 2014 from grange walk yarborough rd area. 07740363656 robin nicholson

Lost cat 31/03
Male cat called Mia hes 3 years old, has a white patchon his face over his nose rest is white then has grey patches all over his body and tail and is very very fluffy . Monday 24th March 2014 in messingham scunthorpe 07930182159 kerry harrison

Found Cat 31/03
Male cat - silvery grey/white tabby - darker grey back with white tummy and grey spots. No collar, very friendly. Possibly been missing for a few days as is very hungry. Unable to take in as have pets of my own but he is returning for food ! Found in Roxby, nr Winterton 07909 442958 ross

Lost dog 28/03
6 month male wire haired terrier, tri coloured, great steeping 07876298631 mrs hollis

Lost dog 28/03
tri coloured jack russel his name tom and NOT TO BE AROUND CHILDREN really doesnt like them and will bite 27.3.14 last seen in farm yard at Bag Enderby about 3.00pm 07717113545 michael baxter

Lost cat 27/03
Young male black n white cat has a pink nose with a black patch has a blue collar with a bell his name is dexter he does not usually stay out about 11am on 26/03/2014 the grove grantham 07714283109 sarah cooper

Found Dog 27/03
Monks Dyke School found it at the school this morning – a young staffie bull terrier, Brindle.  Now being looked after at James Street Vets in Louth

Found Canary 27/03
Yellow canary. Friendly, obviously used to humans and vocal! 01673 861 467 Theresa Morran

Lost Dog 26/03
Little Jack Russell Terrier, rusty brown in colour. Collar with telephone number on. Last seen at 15:30 on Wednesday 26th March 2014 in Wickenby. Scared off by attack by cat so has an injured right ear. Tel 07798 737946

Lost cat 27/03
White and black cat . Male . White face and pink nose. Blue collar . Escaped from home overnight . Missed 6 meals. Unusual for him not to come home. 24th March ropery road Gainsborough 07909418867 Kim Mitchell

Lost Rabbit 27/03
white lop eared rabbit light brown on ears 26 march skegness seacroft area 07835667846 francesca luscombe

Lost Dog 26/03
Little Jack Russell Terrier, rusty brown in colour. Collar with telephone number on. Last seen at 15:30 on Wednesday 26th March 2014 in Wickenby. Scared off by attack by cat so has an injured right ear. Tel 07798 737946

Found Dog 24/03
Male Sharpei type dog, mid brown colour, no collar. Found on the Burgh Road area of Skegness. Tel Elaine on 01754 896005.

Lost cat 24/03
Darcy- Small tabby female cat, white chest and tummy. White back legs and socks on front legs.
Friendly and inquisitive.1 year old. Microchipped 22/3/14 Saxibly, near doctors surgery. 07525429732 Sarah Lockley

Lost dog 24/03
Jack Russell Terrier, bitch, mainly white, long body,short legs, brown ear, no collar. Very friendly, family dog. Lost at around 7am on Friday 21st March Rowgate Road area of Scamblesby, in the Lincs Wolds 01507 343989 Lynne Hannam

Lost cat 24/03
Grey moggy, 3 years old, has been micro chipped but is not wearing a collar. Friendly cat so should be approachable. evening thursday 20 March, western crescent/ boultham 07581 464 671 Trish Coley

Lost cat 24/03
Trixie - Black female cat, feint patch of white hair just above her nose. Approx 1.5 yrs old, micro-chipped. Friendly but not used to being outside for more than a couple of hours so may be timid.Bentinck Road, Newark. Near the hospital. 22 Mar 14 07862712100 Ross

Lost cat 24/04
Bengal cat 20/03/14 saxilby Dan Lilley 07557503808

Lost cat 24/03
Friendly female tabby cat, called Darcy. White bib and 4 white socks. Very inquisitive so please check outdoor buildings Last seen 21/3/14 at 10:30pm. Woodcroft Road area, Saxilby. 07525429732 Sarah Lockley

Found Cat 21/03
Small young black female cat, very few white hairs on chest, large greeny yellow eyes,no collar no microchip, damage to tail which may be new. She has been hiding in our garage in Great Coates for at least two weeks now and is reluctant to leave although she has been out a couple of times these last few days. I would hope she found her way home but she comes back to the garage and hides. Found about the beginning of March. 01472 882075

Found Dogs 20/03
2 x female dogs. 1 x black & white, 1 x tan, jack russell size, poss about 10 yrs of age. No collars and very malnourished 19 Mar 14. Found on Bloxholme Lane, between Scopwick and Bracebridge Heath 07887901853 Wendy Drysdale

Lost cat 19/03
brown tabby, male, age 6 ,blue collar 17th march 01790752850 sally barnes
Lost cat 18/03
Small 4 year old female called nala. She is a Bengal / Siamese. Her markings are stripey like tigers in a tabby colour. She is very timid and its highly unlikely that anybody could pick her up other than us.Beacon park area of Skegness 07598943956 Victoria marno

Found dog 18/03
lack Spaniel, with white patch on the front, male, collar which is black with the brand name as Canac on it, found in Ruskington last night, please call Kerry Evans on 07966 477727

Lost Cat 18/03
Our much loved ginger and white spayed male cat has gone missing, he's quite a big cat and is very friendly, but maybe nervous as we've not long moved to the area. Can anyone with any information please get in touch. Many thanks.Last seen late on the 16th March, March Road, Holbeach Hurn
01406 426989

Lost Cat 17/03
small 10 month old black & white kitten. He has a black tail with a white distinctive tip and is named Humphrey. He is generally timid of people and very inquisitive. he may be up a tree or in a shed. He is micr chipped and has gone missing from the Great Coates - Cooks Lane area. Last seen 3.30 in the morning of 16/03. He is not wearing a collar. Tel Pamela on 07545559222

Lost Cat 17/03
7 year old neutered male. Shorthaired. All black with odd white hairs. Faint ginger stripe on top of his head. Tear on his left ear. 11.03.2014 Theddlethorpe (village hall/kings head inn) 07429334379 sharon cushley

Lost cat 17/03
Small female tabby cat with white chin and black spot in right ear. Microchipped but no collar 15th march 2014. Off Leburn road near wetherby crescent north hykeham 07725633346 or 01522 870885

Lost Dog 17/03
Large Yorkshire terrier. Tan colour, shaggy coat. Named Billy. Looking after for my mum and dad. sunday 16th march. Monks Road Lincoln 01522 800136 Dianne Dyson

Lost dog 14/03
Missing from Sainsbury’s Car Park in Lincoln, it’s a chiwawa cross/terrier type, white, small, she has just been rehomed so very frightened and not at all used to the area – please call Amy Coldrum 07534 994486 or 01522 730253

Sighting of a dog 14/03
Skellingthorpe road and tritton road area.A Tiny white terrier type dog

Lost Parrot 14/03
Lost last night, he got out, called Charlie, from Glebe Road, Humberston, please call Irene Golding on 07785 117865