Lost Pets

Our furry friends are important to us, but sometimes they decide to wander off on their own accord, if you’ve lost a pet or indeed found someone else's then please let us know, you can fill in the form below or phone our reception on 01522 549900. If you’ve lost a pet, then please check below to see if it’s on our list. We do ask that once your pet returns home, you let us know.

Lost and found pets below the form.

Lost Dog 18/12

Black female Labrador, white mark on chest. Lost on 17th December from North Scarle. Please contact Jamie on 07760 889383.

Lost Dog 10/12

Small Female, Lhasa Apso lost on the 8th December late at night. In Turnberry Approach Waltham Grimsby. She is dark grey/black with small white chest in colour, wearing a blue nylon collar with her name "Gertie" on the metal tag. Please call Michele on 01472 824483.  

Lost Cat 10/12

10 year old black and white, neutered male cat. No collar but is microchipped. Was on the plump side when he went missing. He has a unique feature on one of his back feet with a distinctive single longer digit. A couple of cuts in his ears. Last seen on the 5th October in North Hykeham (Mill Lane/Moor Lane area). Please call Karen on 07967 481431. 

Lost Dog 10/12

Lost Dashhound (Dachzy) Black. 18 months old. Called Dillan. Last seen on the 9th December between Nocton and Dunston. Please call Linda on 07771 7333416.

Lost Dog 06/12

Lucy went missing on the 5th December from Rossall Close Sandilands between 2pm-4.30pm. She is a Terrier cross and looks like a Cairn. She is dark grey and very nervous so she might not go to anyone. She is wearing a leather and chin collar and is microchipped. If you see her please call Brenda on 01507 442888.

Lost Dog 05/12

Black Pomeranian. Lost on 4th December from Eagle Moor, Lincoln. Please contact Irma on 07984 167963.

Found Rabbit 04/12

Grey and brown, large, fluffy rabbit with white front paws, white tail and small tuft of white fur on back of neck. Found on 1st December in Boston. Please contact Imogen on 07905 398295.

Lost Dog 04/12

13 year old Labrador called Bella shes yellow. Last seen in Willingham by Stow 3/12/18. Please call Oliver on 07595 466905.

Found Dog 02/12

Jack Russell Cross, bitch, white with black and brown markings. Found on 1st December at Causeway, Burgh Le Marsh near Skegness. Please contact Hayley on 07917 806933.

Lost Cat 23/11

10 year old male, black cat, very friendly wearing a yellow/gold collar, chipped. Lost on 21st November from Larne Road, Brant Road. Please contact Lauren on 07714 512224 or 01522 824988.

Found 22/11

Female Border Terrier, blue and brindle, wearing a purple and grey collar. Found on 22nd November at Cross O'Cliff Court, Bracebridge Heath. Please contact Sarah on 01522 513355.

Found Dog 22/11

Black elderly male Labrador, lighter patches on back, has a collar, but no tag, think it's a farm dog, distinct worn fur collar mark around neck, very friendly and well fed. Found on 21st November in North Carlton. Please contact Rosie on 07525 396070.

Lost Dog 22/11

Dog Shu Tzu Spaniel cross, goes by the name Poppy. Lost on 21st November from Glebe Park. Please contact Jayne on 07504 838497.

Lost 21/11

Black and white female, white chest, white paws, black face with small white patch on left cheek, very scared and timid. Lost on 2nd August from Clee Vets, Grimsby. Please contact Lindsey on 07713 162652.

Lost Dog 21/11

Male chihuahua, grey body, white chest and light brown paws, very small, microchipped. Lost on 20th November from Cromwell Road, Grimsby. Please contact Shelby on 07495 918611.

Lost Dog 19/11

Young male, sandy coloured cockapoo named Charlie. Lost on 16th November from Cleethorpes. Please contact Janet on 01472 588189.

Found Dog 19/11

Brown dog. Found on 18th November at Torrington near Wragby. Please contact Louise on 07563 574158.

Found Dog 15/11

Small black puppy. Found on 15th November on Bunkers Hill, Lincoln. Please contact Tim on 07541 367947.

Lost Cat 14/11

Black and white female elderly cat. Last seen on Tuesday 6th November, Retief Close, Ermine East, Lincoln. Please contact Emma on 01673 862411.

Lost Dog 13/11

Small wire haired light brown Border Terrier. His name is Loui, no collar on but is microchipped. He escaped from the garden in Billingborough on Friday 9th November. Please contact Sade on 07813 348378.

Lost Cat 12/11

Ginger and white cat with large pattern with stripes down her back, 2 years old but a small cat, her name is Millie and she is microchipped. Lost on 10th November from Station Road, Langworth. Please contact Maxine on 07908 126415.

Lost Dog 12/11

Liver and white cocker spaniel, looks like a small springer. Lost on College Park, Horncastle. Please contact Warren on 07770 013229.

Found Cat 12/11

Small, black cat with white paws and a white chest, very friendly. Found on 12th November at Lincoln Courts. Please contact Leah on leahmcopus@hotmail.co.uk

Lost Cat 08/11

tortoise shell, female cat, four years old, white paws like little socks and green eyes. Lost on 8th November from Grainsby. Please contact Lauren on 07920 430172.

Lost Dog 06/11

Black and tan female terrier, 13 years old, no collar, microchipped. Lost on 5th November from Boultham Park Road. Please contact Matt on 07447 563337.

Lost Dog 05/11

Long coat, ginger chihuahua, white tummy, brown eyes, four years old. Lost on 3rd November from Immingham. Please contact Laura on 07718 159527.

Lost Cat 02/11

4 month old, female, mainly black with white paws. Lost on 31st November from Victoria Street, West Parade, Lincoln. Please contact Phillip on 07810 878676.

Found 30/10

Greyhound? Microchipped in 2016 to contact number in Lincoln. Vets advice numbers no longer in services. Male, intact, white markings across shoulder blades, lovely nature, no collar. Coat smooth but in bad condition almost a skeletal. Please contact Tracy on 01245 401454. 

Found 30/10

Black Dog- Jack Russel, Possibly mix. Found in Walcott. Please contact Joshua on 07881 223 165.

Lost 29/10

White female 2 year old cat, she has one distinctive folded ear. Lost on 26th October from Grantham. Please contact Heather on hedgeowl@me.com

Found 25/10

A Small Tabby cat keeps relentlessly trying to get in my house, ive been aware of t for the past 20 hours and think someone might be missing it. I Haven't taken it in or fed it otherwise it may not go home. Please call Mrs C in Fishtoft Boston on 07500 404504.

Lost 22/10

Small Green Parrot last seen 21.10.18 West Parade Lincoln. Please call Adrian English 07880 528867

Lost 19/10

2 terriers, one is brown and one is white with little brown patches. Lost on 18th October from Chapel St Leonards. Please contact Karla on 07495 888416.

Lost 18/10

Black, Male cat 2 years old. Slender Small Boy. Lost on the 12th December Dunholme Lincoln area. Please contact Casey on 07803 374729.

Lost 18/10

Black Pitbull called Coca. Lost on 18th October on Newark Road, Lincoln. Please contact Hykeham Vets on 01522 683300.

Lost 17/10

Smudge has gone missing from 432 Newark road on the 17th October (Lincoln end). He is poorly and very disoriented, he gets stuck in small spaces and doesn't know where he is. Please check gardens and sheds, smudge is a chunky white and tabby tom cat. Please contact Tina on 07983 432343.

Lost 16/10

Completely black male cat with orange eyes and a red collar with an identity tube, answers to Casper, quite a large cat, 4 years old, microchipped and neutered. Lost on 12th October from Skellingthorpe. Please contact Leah on 07523 113069.

Lost 15/10

Older Springer Spaniel Rescue Dog, ruby/brown in colour. Lost on 11th October from Waddington. Please contact Tracey on 07712 608585.

Lost 12/10

Tabby female cat, blue collar with ID, called Ella. Lost on 3rd October from Burton Waters. Please contact Judith on 07904 962244.

Lost 09/10

Miniature Dachshund, female, cream coloured. Lost on 8th October from Caenby Corner. Please contact Lynn on 07732 067271.

Lost 09/10

12 year old, blind pug, biscuit colour, originally black face, but now very grey, wearing white harness with Blind Dog written on it. Lost on 8th October from Drummond Road, Skegness. Please contact Jacqui on 07814 716379.

Lost 03/10

Large ginger and white neutered male cat, very friendly. Lost on 20th September from Rockingham Close, Doddington Park. Please contact Zoe on 07919 917736.

Lost 03/10

Ginger and white long haired, very fluffy female, no collar, very friendly. Lost on 29th September from West Marsh, Grimsby. Please contact Sophie on 07871 203223.

Lost 02/10

Large grey an white tabby cat. Lost on 24th September from Doddington Road, Lincoln. Please contact Liz on 07807 266584.

Lost 01/10

White and black Cat answers to Jess or Jessica, saggy belly, 16 years old. Lost on 29th September. Please contact Lorraine on 07379 086304.

Lost 01/10

Black and white Spaniel, short with long fluffy ears, no collar. Lost on 30th September. Please contact Angela on 07731 450680.

Lost 01/10

Black long haired furry Cat named Kiwi. Friendly, but doesn't have a collar. Lost on 24th September from Elsham Golf Club. Please contact Stacey on 07818 575990.

Found 01/10

Female, Jack Russell. Found on 29th September from Eastfield Road, Louth. Please contact Nicola on 07703 834795.


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