Lost Pets

Our furry friends are important to us, but sometimes they decide to wander off on their own accord, if you’ve lost a pet or indeed found someone elses then please let us know, you can fill in the form below or phone our reception on 01522 549900. If you’ve lost a pet then please check below to see if it’s on our list. We do ask that once your pet returns home, you let us know.

Lost and found pets below the form.

Lost Cat 27/08

Black cat called Max, 8 yrs old. Quite slim, short haired and wearing a red collar. Has a few white hairs on his chest and a white patch in between his back legs under his tummy. Missing from Metheringham on 22nd August. Tel Kerry 07907 020652

Lost Dog 27/08

Male pug, black face and tan body. Wearing a black collar with a silver name tag. Missing from Cleethorpes on 25th August. Reward for his safe return. Tel John 07427 587388

Found Ferret 27/08

Brown in colour, found on Tattershall Road in Boston. Tel Mel 01205 352386

Lost Dog 26/08

A tan and white collie cross named Coco. She is wearing a pink collar and has white paws. Friendly, but timid. Runs away when approached so please do not chase her - just let us know locations and times. Missing from Golden Sands Holiday Park in Mablethorpe on 28th July. Tel Kay 07817 989393

Lost Cat 26/08

Ginger, male cat with stripes goes by the name Archie. Missing from Station Road, Waddington around the 22nd August. Tel Caroline 07787 703033

Lost Bird 26/08

Harris Hawk dark and light brown in colour with white on tail. Has bells and jesses. Last seen morning of 24th August near Longhills in Branston. Tel Dean 07903 424859

Lost Cat 26/08

Slim build, white paws, white chest. Maybe a little white under him. Neutered, has a limp as one of back legs are smaller than the other due to being shot. Missing for around 5 months now from Burgh Le Marsh. Tel Kirsty 07710 547379

Found Dog 26/08

Yorkshire terrier found in the De Wint Road area of Boutham on 23rd August. Tel Darren 07921 168857

Lost Cat 26/08

Ginger and white cat answers to name Claude. White belly, ginger back and tail with light rings going down his tail. Missing from Davenport Drive, Cleethorpes on 19th August. Tel Simon 07885 672556

Lost Dog 26/08

Staffy cross. White with brown patches and about 4 yrs old. Has a wirey mane and goes by name Bruno. Missing from Market Rasen area since Oct 2013. Tel Lisa 07748 483184 or 01302 789427

Lost Cat 26/08

Short haired black cat around 3 yrs old. Female and not wearing collar. Quite timid. Missing since 9pm on 23rd August near Mazda Garage on Liquorpond Street in Boston. Tel Yvonne 07784 025847

Lost Dog 26/08

Black and white male English Springer Spaniel around 10 yrs old and very friendly. Missing since 18th August from Stainfield near Bourne. Tel James 07966 201414.

Lost Dog 26/08

Overweight, brown, hairy Border Terrier named Dylan. Belongs to a loving family and missed by the kids. He is chipped. Missing since 25th August from Holdingham area. Tel Laura 01529 303947

Lost Cat 26/08

Tortoise shell, female. Very pretty. Missing since 22nd July. Tel Helen 07453 291890

Lost Bird 21/08

Missing African grey parrot today from Holland Fen. Tel Cheryl 07843 724560

Lost Dog 21/08

Black, labrador puppy called Bo. Wearing a blue collar with a tag. Missing from Burton Village. Tel Edward 07916 282452 or 01522 512293

Lost Cat 19/08

Black and white male neutered cat. Slim, long legs, large nose, looks like Felix cat. Not microchipped or wearing a collar. 13 years old last seen 15th August. Missing from Clee near Claymore Close. Tel Aimee 07702001452

Lost Cat 19/08

Very small, sleek, all black female cat. 1yrs old. Was last seen wearing a red collar. Missing from Rudgard Lane, Lincoln since 11th August. Tel Chloe 07960862692

Lost Cat 19/08

Pure, white cat with blue eyes. Roughly 7 years old. Quite vocal and very friendly. She is deaf and blind on one side - but cannot tell unless she closes her eyes. Missing from side of road near farm on Hall Lane, nr Riseholme Lane since 20th July. Tel Donna 07921905394

Lost Cat 18/08

Male tabby cat with a peach nose and black stripe down its back. Named Twiglet. Missing from High St/Cemetery area in Nettleham since 17th August. Tel Margaret 01522 750336

Found Dog 18/08

Male, wire haired, Jack Russell - white with tan patches. No collar. Was with another white Jack Russell, but the second one ran off into the field opposite The Farmers Restaurant. Found on A46 at Welton Hill on 16th August. Tel - Lincolnshire Rescue Kennels, Ingham.

Lost Cat 18/08

Small ginger tom cat with distinctive markings on tail (circles around it) Landy was knocked down whilst we were away and placed in foster care. The carer left a window open and he escaped. He has a limp and slight brain damage. Missing from Donington on Bain on 16th August. Tel Carly 07920 060063

Lost Bird 18/08

African grey parrott. Last seen heading towards Weelsby Woods. Missing from David St, Grimsby on 17th August. Tel Amanda 07902 631213

Lost Cat 14/08

Medium length, female tabby cat. 1 years old and microchipped. Has a pink collar with white spots and a fishbone pendant. Responds to name Mimi. Slight kink in tail. Missing from Market Rasen area 13th August. Tel Hayden 07731 822260

Lost Cat 14/08

6 month old, short haired tabby kitten named Mitsy. She is wearing a pink collar with a bell. She has a half black, half pink nose. Missing since yesterday from Wilson Close, Ingoldmells Village area. Tel Stephen 07936 814253 or 01754 228417

Found Dog 14/08

Male golden retriever/labrador. Looks to be 8+. Friendly, but anxious. Found yesterday in Birchwood area. Tel Robinson 07784 132289

Lost Dogs 13/08

2 staffy dogs. 2 and 3yrs old. Both black with white bit on chest. Named Misty and Marley. Loved members of the family. Not aggressive - will lick to death instead! Both are micro chipped. Missing today from Brant Broughton. Tel Graham 01522 789989

Lost Cat 12/08

Long haired grey cat, very distinctive long tail and mane. He is microchipped. Missing 5th August from Cromwell nr Newark. Tel Debs 07917335544

Lost Cat 12/08

STILL MISSING DESPERATE TO GET HER BACK, PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!!! Pure white small cat with blue eyes & wearing a black diamontie collar. SHE IS DEAF, her name is Squirt, she is nearly 3 years old but very small, she is much loved and missed. Last seen on 12th July, The Ropewalk, Horncastle. Tel Victoria on 07824449719.

Lost Dog 12/08

Black Lab bitch called Poppy, red collar. Missing from Skeby, Normanton on Trent, Newark since 11th August. Tel Anne on 07889757939.

Lost Dog 12/08

Border Terrier x Minature Jack Russell, short haired tan, female (spayed) 4 years old. Lost 11th August at 3pm in woods between Market Rasen and Walesby. Tel Linda on 01673 308348.

Lost Cat 11/08

Little black and white female cat, with medium long hair, big bushy black tail. She is microchipped. Missing from the Dycott Lane area of Welbourne. Tel Davina on 07929055234

Found Dog 11/08

Black & white dog quite large, red collar, very friendly, collie dog. Found on Monday 11th August in Gosberton. Tel Samantha on 01775 841411.

Lost Dog 11/08

Beautiful Beagle full golden head, tri colour body, called Lola but her tag says Jack with our telephone number, she's only 1 years old. Missing since 9th August from the Lincolnshire Show Ground. Tel Lucy on 07977 000959 or 07903 321762.

Lost Cat 11/08

Birman cat supposedly blue point but looks more brown in some lights. Creamy white body with dark face, tail and legs. White toes, blue eyes. Neutered male, microchipped but no collar. Missing since 2nd August from South Witham but may have got in a van. Tel Jo 07792 915230.

Lost Cat 11/08

Black and white cat, 6 years old last seen St Thomas Drive, London Road area of Boston on 5th August. Does have a habit of getting in to sheds and vehicles. She has a pink collar and is microchipped, she answers to the name of Millie. Also she has a bit of matted hair on her back about half way down Tel Kenny on 07739746456

Lost Dog 11/08

Black greyhound with white markings on face and chest. Lost from Misterton. Tel Julie on 07766806530.

Lost Dog 11/08

Jack is a black Patterdale Terrier went missing on 10th August from the Tattershall Thorpe area. He's long haired & has a white eyebrow above his left eye. Tel Terri on 07920 820746,

Lost Dog 08/08

Black and white Boston terrier called Albi he is wearing a red collar he has been neutered. Missing since 8th Aug. Contact Freddie on 01780 741267 or 07798741267.

Lost Cat 08/08

Loki is a big neutered male short hair cat with very disticitive brown and orange stripes like a tiger. On his tummy the stripes become spots and he has a kink at the end of his tail. He likes to talk and is microchipped. Last seen on 2nd August on Woodhill Road, Collingham. Tel Alison on 07910 679697.

Found Rabbit 08/08

Brown & white rabbit with floppy ears. Found in Thorney. Tel Ellie on 07969658301

Lost Dog 08/08

A timid black & white tabby cat. Her distictive features are white chest and 4 white paws, the top of her left ear is missing and she has no collar but she is chipped and neutered. Missing since 29th August from Hoplands Road, Coningsby. Tel Wendy on 01526 343436.

Lost Dog 07/08

Male Jack Russell approx 7-10yrs. Black and white with a bit of tan on face and a grey muzzle. Lost from Harrington nr. Spilsby yesterday. Tel Guy 07956 783017

Lost Cat 06/08

Black cat, greying. Small build and no collar. Lost from Clinton Park, Tattershall on 4th August. Tel Rachael 07500 786543

Lost Dog 06/08

9 year old male Jack Russell Terrier. Tri-colour, very small with a smooth coat named Murphy. Missing from Clint Road, Navenby in the thunderstorms today. Tel Kerry 07717 874389 or 01522 811366

Lost Cat 06/08

Black & white female cat, 5 years old. Microchipped, quite timid. Missing from the Jessop Close area of Cherry Willingham. Tel Jackie on 01522 595056 or 07799573045.

Lost Cat 06/08

Tiffy is a small 2 year old black tortie with brown highlights. Wearing a red collar with red tag, she is microchipped. Her disappearance is totally out of character. Initially she is very timid and nervous. Missing since 3rd August from the Coronation Road area of Cleethorpes. Tel Tracey on 01472 594989 or 075046225662.

Lost Cat 05/08

Tabby neutered male cat with white chest and paws. Extremely friendly! Missing since 19th July Heighington area. Bolted in to open fields in storm. New to area. Tel Kirsty on 01522 244423

Found Dog 05/08

Sandy coloured Terrier type dog, wiry haired, no collar. Found near North Kesteven School in North Hykeham. Tel Sally on 01526 399326.

Lost Cat 05/08

Black female cat called Poppy, 2 year old british short hair cross, small cat with very soft silky fur. Small petite face with big eyes. Micro chipped, no collar. Went missing around the 31st July to the 1st August in Bourne, Lincs, Hawthorn Road off Beach Avenue. Tel Adam on 07725310713.

Lost Cat 05/08

Seal mitted Ragdoll cat. He is cream and white with a dark chocolate face and tail, semi long haired. He has bright blue eyes and white paws. He is called Monty and is 5 years old. He went missing 29th July from Langton Hill, Horncastle. Reward offered. Contact Sandra on 01507 527667.

Lost Dog 04/08

2 year old cream shar pei dog. No collar, very nervous but not dangerous. Missing from Caistor nr Coop early this morning. Tel Scott 07745562063

Lost Dog 04/08

Small brindle staffy, white bib on chest, wearing red collar, very friendly, microchipped, not spayed. 4 years old, much loved family member. Missing from Moorland Avenue, Lincoln on 3rd August. Tel Vicki 07849794290

Lost Dog 04/08

9 year old, black and tan male yorkshire terrier. Wearing a red collar with diamonte stones. He is very friendly. Lost on 3rd August at Downtown, Gonerby Moor near Garden Centre. Tel Mandy 07866380247

Lost Cat 04/08

Small black female kitten with white feet. No microchip and not spayed. Missing since 30th July from Craven Street in Lincoln. Tel Danielle on 07507778411

Lost Dogs 04/08

Black female Labrador wearing pinky purple collar with her male pup a golden yellow Labrador wearing a red collar. Lost in Goxhill area on Saturday night. Much loved family pets. Pup is only 24 weeks old. Both micro chipped. Both dogs are new to the area. Tel Zoe on 07866673261

Found Dog 04/08

Small black dog with wiry coat white patch on front. Wearing red collar, no disc. Very friendly, longish tail looks fairly old but active. Found at Clinton Park, Tattershall, Lincs. Tel Jane on 07962115935.

Lost Bird 04/08

Found Yellow budgie. Contact Sheila on sheila.warby119@gmail.com

Lost Cat 04/08

Ginger tom, neutered, he's 11 and a half years old and lives in the De Wint Avenue area. and his brother is missing him very much. went missing on July 15th 2014. Tel Heather on 01522 801274.

Lost Dogs 04/08

2 Springer Spaniels, one black & white and one liver & white. Missing since 1st August from the Donington on Bain area. Tel Dawn on 01507 343465

Lost Cat 01/08

3 year old male neutered tabby cat with white paws and chest, extremely friendly. New to the area so may not be able to find his way home. Missing from Heighington. Contact Kirsty kirsty_p@rocketmail.com

Lost Cat 31/07

Young black neutered male. 2 years old, possibly wearing reflective silver collar with bell. Lost on 28th July. Tel Ann 07946 556570.

Lost Cat 31/07

Female smokey grey stripey cat, no collar, House cat. Missing from the Dunston area. tel Tina on 07854631002

Lost Dog 31/07

Small black and white German Spitz dog called lola aged 9 years. She has a tag but please use contact details below as we are looking after her. Went missing 30th July from Donna Nook Car Park near North Somercotes. Tel Jane on 01507 358202 or 07724005668.

Lost Cat 30/07

Small female short haired tabby and white, has a shaved patch on her belly. Lost on 27th July Little Coates Road/St Michaels Tel Lori 07792701828.

Lost Cat 30/07

Black & white female cat with pink & white spots on collar. Missing since 28th July from King Street in Newark. Tel 01636 680274.

Lost Cat 30/07

Small white and brown cat called Timmy. No collar but chipped. Has injury which means he look to be limping. Missing since Sunday from St Michaels Walk, Sleaford. Tel Margaret on 01529 306707

Lost Cat 30/07

Big ginger & white male cat with big bushy tail. Missing since Monday 28th July from behind Waitrose in Lincoln. Has name & tag with paw print on. Called Colin. Very friendly. Contact 07957939122.

Lost Cat 29/07

Large, fat, white and grey cat. Very friendly. Lost 25th July in the evening at Sea Bank Road, Chapel St Leonards. Tel Carol 01754 872802

Lost Cat 28/07

Male cat. White with black patches. A distinctive black chin and called Rolf. Very gentle and loving. Missing since 10th July may visit Orby, Gunby, Welton le Marsh, Sloothby, Habertoft areas. Tel Paul 07880 169203

Found Cat 28/07

White cat with black patches and black tail, with what looks like sore red lines around his eyes. He (I think) is very friendly. Found on Coronation Road, Cleethorpes. Tel Sharon 07906 274674

Lost Parrot 28/07

Blue & gold Macaw, missing from Spalding. Tel Jerry on 07432284250.

Lost Cat 28/07

Grey and white female tabby - small 1 year old, very friendly. Called Holly. Last seen on Friday 25th July, Ruskin Avenue, Lincoln. Tel Penny on 07780854294.

Lost Dog 25/07

1 year old jet black scruffy pack dog for cancer patient missing since 22nd July from Besthorpe in Newark. Microchipped, and last seen on cctv around North Scarle. Very sorely missed and very upset. Tel Mike Scott 07850 585168

Lost Cat 25/07

Lilac, British, short hair cat. 11 years old and spayed, Likes to wander the fields around our house. Missing from Carrington Road, Frithville in Boston since 17th July. Tel Karen 01205751300 or 07765226149

Lost Cat 25/07

Ginger neutered male cat called Zak, quite big and distinctive stripes, big green eyes, white paws, one toe on left front paw is ginger, white belly and chest. Not wearing a collar as he lost it and new onw is waiting here for him!. Very unusual for him not to come home in the morning. He's very timid. Missing since 20th July from the Laceby Acres area of Grimsby. Tel Kirsty on 07867418612.

Lost Cat 25/07

Name Jacko, black & white, friendly. Missing since 12th July from Station Road, Waddington. Tel Steve on 01522 823564

Lost Dog 24/07

Jack Russell puppy called Trixie. Tan and white, with love heart shape under her left leg. Black nose and mouth. Very friendly. Lost in Tathwell early afternoon yesterday. Tel Chantelle 01507606492 or 07772858029

Lost Dog 24/07

Golden Cocker Spaniel, 3 years old, microchipped and tagged. Missing since 21st July from Rochester Court, Bourne, Lincs at about 2pm. Wearing a red collar and has a white patch on his chest. He is called George and is very timid. Last seen Tuesday 22nd July at 8pm behind Rochester Court, Bourne near the fields and A15. Please call 07944900690

Lost Cat 23/07

Mainly black with white feet and white under chin, has a grey collar with fleck of white and a bell. Missing since 21st July from South Hykeham. Tel 01522 568157.

Lost Cat 23/07

Black & white cat called Bobby, he has white socks on all paws and a white bit under neck, his whiskers are also white, not very big build. Missing since 15th July from Burgh Le Marsh. Tel Heidi on 07549432896

Lost Cat 22/07

2 year old female cat. Tortoiseshell with a tuft of fur on the back of her neck. Missing since yesterday from the Branston area. Tel Ella 07419 777154

Found Dog 22/07

Black & tan male dog, possibly Rottie cross. No collar. Found on 22nd July in Bassingham Village. Tel 01522 7886396

Lost Cat 22/07

Tabby & white male. Neutered and microchipped. Lost West Parade, Lincoln. Contact 07952774476

Lost Cat 22/07

Called Shelley. She's been missing since Monday 7th July and never gone this long before, so worries and greatly missed. She's dark tortoishell, short haired neutered female, no collar but is microchipped. Missing from the Water Lane area of Spalding. Please check sheds and garages etc. Any info please get in touch. Tel Liz on 07734861851

Found Cat 22/07

Black & white cat, slim build, mostly black with white socks and bib. Wandering around crying. Found 21st July, Lincoln Road, Ingham. Tel 07944417945.

Lost Dogs 21/07

2 black labs missing earlier today. Both wearing red collars with contact details on. Lost in Carrington area. Tel Karen 07770 970007

Lost Cat 21/07

Tiger is an 11 month old grey tabby. He is both neutered and microchipped. He has a very ruckly purr/chest he has recently overcome severe pneumonia. He only normally goes off for an hour or so. Missing since Friday from Sudbrooke Drive, Ermine East. Tel Karen 07447935963

Lost Dog 21/07

Black/grey Jackapoo 2 years old. Has recent scars on tummy from being neutered and a hernia removed. Lost 20th July top of hill (B1188) going into Metheringham from Lincoln. Tel Sue on 07769222676/01526 321001

Lost Cat 21/07

Black & white female cat, she is 4 years old and quite small not wearing a collar or microchipped. Lost 3rd July from North Somercotes. Tel Marilyn on 01507 358887 mazkev@btinternet.com

Lost Cat 21/07

Grey striped tabby, no collar. End of tail is black, 12 months old. Lost since 1st June from Curle Ave off Wragby Road in Lincoln. Tel Peggy on 07975930438

Lost Dog 21/07

Chocolate brown Old English Cocker Spaniel, hair thinning on back only. He is on pills for heart and lung problems approx 14 years old and is called Thornton. Missing since 19th July from Asperton Road, Wigtoft. Tel Sherridan on 07765794105

Found Budgie 21/07

Blue Budgie on the 20th July in the Boston/Spalding area. tel Kevin on 07952399735 or 07941313025

Lost Dogs 21/07

1 black Labrador and 1 black Patterdale Terrier. Lost on 20th July near Hackthorn. Tel Anna on 07824883944.

Found Dog 21/07

Staffy, blackish brown with grey mouth and white chest. Red collar but no tag. Has been checked but no microchip found. Found on 20th July in North Hykeham. Tel Rebecca on 01522 705677

Lost Parrot 21/07

Parrot green red shouldered Hanns Machaw, name is Buddy. He will be shouting Mummy if he sees people. Other words may be ratbag, hello bedtime. Last seen Wyville Road, Grantham, but could have gone in any direction - last going towards Harlaxton. Tel Ivan & Tracey on 07807195695 or 07890986093.

Lost Cat 18/07

Ginger cat, long legs/slightly oriental looking named Oscar. Missing from Main Road, West Keal, Spilsby yesterday morning. Tel Janet 01790753557

Lost Cat 18/07

Nemo is a big ginger cat about 8kg and 8 years old, he has a big belly. He is castrated and he has a chip registered in Italy. Contact Isabella imerola@lincoln.ac.uk

Found Budgie 18/07

Found at Branston Booths. Tel Caroline on 01522 792725

Lost Cockatiel 18/07

Yellow in colour & has bald patch on head. Missing from the Mablethorpe area. Tel Celia on 01507 475822.

Lost Dog 18/07

Male neutered silver tabby cat. Very friendly. Spotty underbelly and white patch on chest. Microchipped. Lost on the 13th July from Waddington. Tel Alison on 07903309023.

Lost Cat 17/07

Pure, white, short haired, female cat with distinctive baby blue eyes which reflect red not the normal yellow. She is very sensitive to light and burns easily in the sunshine. Tall and svelte, avid climber, friendly but very cautious. No collar but is microchipped. Lost in Clinton Park, Tattershall area on 11th July. Tel - Dolly 07881291024 or 01526343787.

Found Dog 17/07

Blonde, female husky or husky cross. No collar or details of owner. Found in Tattershall. Came into shop to say hello. Tel Kelly 01526344102 or 07742670784

Lost Dog 17/07

White scruffy dog with a red collar, westie cross type dog. Went missing yesterday around the Boultham Park Road area. Tel Louise on 07549890734.

Lost Cat 17/07

Black, white & ginger Tortie called Pixie. Has black stripes on her forehead. No collar but is chipped. Went missing from the Tattershall Bridge area on Saturday 12th July. Tel Michael on 07462000959 or 01526 569687.

Lost Cat 17/07

Pure white small cat with blue eyes & wearing a black diamontie collar, SHE IS DEAF, her name is Squirt, she is nearly 3 years old but very small she is much loved and missed. Last seen on Sunday 12th July, The Ropewalk, Horncastle. Tel Victoria on 07824449719.