Lost Pets

Our furry friends are important to us, but sometimes they decide to wander off on their own accord, if you’ve lost a pet or indeed found someone else's then please let us know, you can fill in the form below or phone our reception on 01522 549900. If you’ve lost a pet, then please check below to see if it’s on our list. We do ask that once your pet returns home, you let us know.

Lost and found pets below the form.

Lost Dog 17/08

Small grey Terrier, last seen in Ermine West, Lincoln. There will be award. Please call George on 01522 530073.

Lost Cat 17/08

Large British short haired cat, grey fur, large blue eyes, dark grey ears and tail. Answers to Ollie. Last seen in North Hykeham on the 16th August. Please call Thomas on 07933 072555

Found Love Bird 17/08

Baby Love Bird found in Heighington 17th August Morning. Please call David on 07889 416266.

Lost Cat 16/08

Big, fluffy, ginger male cat. Approx 4 years old. Answers to Maw name. Talkative and friendly cat. Micro-chipped. Last seen on Cranwell Street/ Dixon Street area, LN5. Please call Agne 07846 856987.

Lost Cat 15/08

Large Tabby cat, big green eyes, distinctive black tiger like stripes across body, stomach hangs slightly with heavily coated white fur on stomach. Last seen wearing a gold glittery collar with bell. Lost on 6th July from Metheringham. Please contact Joshua on 07590 246720.

Lost 13/08

African Grey Parrot, ringed and called Winston, 18 weeks old. Lost on 9th August from Immingham. Please contact David on 07949 875672.

Lost Cat 13/08

White long haired cat, neutered, about 12 years old, answers to the name of Clyde. Lost on 6th August from Southrey, Lincoln. Please contact Lisa on 07795 810636.

Found Dog 10/08

2 spaniels, one dark brown boy and one tanned smaller girl. Found in Burwell near Louth. Please contact Jane on 01507 480239.

Lost Dog 08/08

Black Labrador with white flash on chest. Lost on 7th August from Skellingthorpe. Please contact Doreen on 07905 065478 or 01522 685206.

Lost Cat 07/08

Grey long haired cat, male, neutered and micro-chipped. Lost in Keelby, Grimsby. Please call Kimberley on 07821 580817.

Lost Cat 06/08

Short haired ginger and white male cat called Lewis. Lost on 31st July from Nettleton. Please contact Kimberly on 07725 908133.

Lost Cat 03/08

13 week old kitten, brown with ginger markings. Lost on 2nd August from Nettleham. Please contact Becki on 07933 000214.

Lost Cat 01/08

Female 1 year old spayed tabby cat with white under neck, belly and on all her feet. Last seen on the 29th July in Wainfleet at co-op shop. Please contact Rebecca Brunie on 01754 881695, 07874 925478.

Lost Cat 30/07

3 year old, white and ginger, male cat. Chipped and was wearing a collar, very lean, long boy who loves people. Lost on 19th July from Wilsford near Ancaster. Please contact Amanda on 07507 718895.

Lost Cat 30/07

8 month old tabby, small head, long body, chipped. Little white paws and under belly.Lost on 16th July from Harrier Court, Birchwood, Lincoln. Please contact Stephanie on 07483 260926.

Lost Cat 23/07

Silver tabby birman cat, 7 years old, neutered and microchipped. Lost on Punchbowl Lane, Boston on 22nd July. Please contact Brian on 07939 113708.

Lost Cat 21/07

Short haired, female, dark tortoiseshell cat, 5 years old, very timid, she is neutered. Lost on 20th July from Regent Road, Mablethorpe. Please contact Sarah on 07848 847699 or 01507 475970.

Lost Cat 21/07

Male ragdoll cat. Lost on 20th July from Langton by Wragby. Please contact Alison on 07799 577714.

Lost Cat 19/07

Short haired black and white female cat with black nose, white paws/socks. She is 8 years old and is neutered and microchipped. Lost on Saturday 14th July in St. Clements Road area of Ruskington, Sleaford. Please contact Gill on 07757 655756.

Lost Cat 18/07

Slender and sleek completely black. 3 year old. Last seen 16/07/08 West Parade Lincoln. Please call Amanda Stonehouse 07966 250282.

Lost Cat 18/07

Short haired ginger and white female cat (name Tiggy) 16 years old (can be a little unsteady on her feet at times) Red Collar. Neutered and micro chipped. Very uncharacteristic for her to stay far from the house or garden. Lost on 16th July on Beckett Avenue in Gainsborough. Please contact Andrew on 07771 360376.

Found Dog 17/07

Black & tan Rottweiler cross found on Tritton Road, Lincoln. Please contact Michelle on 07961 237290.

Lost Cat 16/07

2 year old male tabby called Leo has gone missing in the Heighington area. Beautiful markings and very silky fur. White socks and white bib. Vert stocky. Quite a timid cat chipped and neutered. Lost on 11th July. Please contact Natasha on 07555 787559. 

Found Cat 16/07

White, grey patches pink nose, neutered tom cat. Last seen on Pietermaritz Street, Ermine West, Lincoln on 20th June. Please contact Judi on 07340 235614.

Lost Dogs 13/07

2 dogs went missing on 12th July from South Willingham area one, Jack Russel (microchipped) and the other is an Alsation. Please contact David on 07801 701020.

Lost 10/07

Lost Tabby Cat, Male. Last seen on 8th July in Gainsborough uphill area, Caenby Row, Risehome Road. Please contact Jeanette on 07920 024089

Lost Cat 10/07

Been missing since Thursday 5th July. Its black and fluffy. Last seen on Louth Road near Kenwich Roundabout. Please contact Steve 07733 967538.

Lost Cat 10/07

Small Black cat called Tilly. Last seen on 9th July in Branston area just outside Lincoln. Please contact Jean on 01522 791510. 

Found Dog 09/07

Alsatian Breed. Found on Scotter Road, Scunthorpe 8/7/18. Please contact Patricia on 07720 861534.

Lost Cat 09/07

Large tabby cat, white chest and paws. Kink on the end of his tail. Answers to Noodles. Lost on Lothian Way area of greyless. Last seen on 4th July. Please call Melissa 07717 571961.

Lost Cat 09/07

Short haired tabby cat answers to the name Azzy (Azlo). Lost in April/May Time around Immingham. Please contact Chloe on 07907 184420.

Found Rabbit 04/07

White, grey and brown rabbit, very friendly. Found on 4th July from Walbury Close, Brant Road, Lincoln.

Lost Cat 02/07

Black cat with white chest and white pear shaped nose, named Lollie. Lost in June from Tattershall Area. Please contact Shaz on 07999 671611.

Found Cat 29/06

Female light Grey/Silver Tabby wandering around Nettleham Coop and Shops area for 5 weeks. Not Chipped. Very friendly. Please contact Jenny on 07546 144846.

Lost Cat 28/06

Black cat 6 years old, Small and Shy. Lost on 28th June Hillside Avenue Lincoln please could you check sheds and back gardens. Her name is Mimi shes not wearing a collar. Please call Linda 01522 410472

Lost Cat 27/06

1 and a half year old cat called Bruno, fluffy, white chest and legs, other than one which is patterned. Black/brown and cream back and top of head and ears, pink nose and white tip on tail. Chipped, neutered and wearing a collar with a number on. Lost on 22nd June from Barkhouse Lane, Cleethorpes. Please contact Lauren on 07904 265977.

Lost Cat 25/06

Maine Coon Beige Cat very fluffy, no collar. Last seen on Saturday 23rd June in Newark Road area. Please contact Nicola on 07507 519093.

Lost 25/06

White Westie, small, white, 14 years old and not wearing a collar. Lost on 23rd June from Skellingthorpe Road Area, Lincoln. Please contact Reda on 07715 382424.

Lost 25/06

Male cat, 13 years old, black and white colour with a slight ginger tint, microchipped. Lost on 17th June from Sandringham Road, Cleethorpes. Please contact Sophia on 07908 484575.

Lost Cat 20/06

10 year old, long haired, black cat. All black with grey whiskers. Chipped, but not wearing a collar. Lost on 14th June from Burton Waters. Please contact Kev on 01522 425178.

Lost Dog 18/06

Arthur is a 5 year old male, lemon and white Foxhound with a small scar on his side. Lost on 7th June from Belvior Road, Knipton. Please contact Lucianna on 07465 429069 or 07473 654745.

Lost Dog 17/06

A small red paterdale cross terrier with aged face. Missing front teeth. Lost on 28th May in Worlaby near Brigg. Please contact Heather on 07595 711059 or 07710 664446.

Lost Cat 13/06

Bengal male cat, 8 months old. Lost on 13th June from Lincoln Carlton Academy. Please contact Anna on 07907 061374.

Lost Dog 13/06

Yorkshire Terrier, Female 11 years old, Grey. Lost Saturday 9th June at Osgodby Woods near Market Rasen. Please contact Mr Brown on 07860 149669 there will be a reward to whoever finds her.  

Found Dog 12/06

Small white dog. Lost on 11th June from Woody Park, Sleaford Road, Boston. Please contact Simon on koyaanisqatsi_@hotmail.com. 

Lost Cat 11/06

Black and White female Cat. Lost on 10th June from Ermine East, Lincoln. Please contact Katie Stephenson on 07715 455737.

Lost Dog 11/06

Medium size Terrier/Labrador small white love heart shape on chest. Lost on 8th June from Hartsholme Area, Lincoln. Please contact Gail on 07553 158599.

Lost Cat 08/06

Black Female 10-12 months old moggie kitten (though almost an adult now but very small) wearing a red elasticated collar with bell. She is very vulnerable. Lost on Holly Street and Manse Avenue area close to the All Saints Parish Church. Please contact Scott on 07858 201115 or scottrp1983@gmail.com 

Lost Cat 07/06

Siamese cross, slender, black and white, 18 years old. Lost on 18th April 2017 from Wainfleet. Please contact Karen on 01754 229417 or 07725 942070.

Lost Cat 03/06

Tortoise shell kitten, 7 months old and answers to Juno. Lost on 2nd June from Wragby, Market Rasen. Please contact Hannah on 07721 208561.

Lost Cat 02/06

White and ginger, neutered, microchipped, male. Lost on 2nd June. Please contact Sarah on 07378 765426.

Lost Dog 29/05

Miniture Yorkshire Terrier, black and Tan, answers to the name Sam. Lost on 28th May from Stanley Street, Lincoln. Please contact David on 07922 657943.

Lost Dog 29/05

Border Terrier, brown, 6 years old, wearing a pink collar and recently chipped. Lost on 27th May from RAF Cranwell/ Leasingham. Please contact Thay on 07881 223165 or 07568 338193.

Lost Cat 29/05

Black and white, male cat, 1 and a half years old. All black, but stomach and under neck and around nose is white. Lost on 24th May in Boston. Please contact Attila on 07716 607330.

Lost Cat 29/05

Giger and white, 1 year old kitten. Wearing a gold collar with little crowns. Lost on 2nd February from Faldingworth. Please contact Megan on 07715 484626.

Lost Cat 29/05

Young black and white domestic shorthair (Tuxedo Cat) Answers to the name 'Crowley'. Mostly black, but has white paws that look like socks. Distinctive black mark on the nose and chin. White chest and stomach. Green eyes, microchipped, but no collar. Lost on 25th September from Boston. Please contact Karly on 07895 698150.

Lost Dog 29/05

White Lhasa Apso. Lost on 25th May on Cromwell Road, Grimsby. Please contact Jeanet on 07895 777710.

White lhasa apso

Found Dog 24/05

Small, Jack Russel. Found on 24th May in Faldingworth. Please contact Mr J Kenyon on 07900 908013.

Found Dog 22/05

Male, Huskey cross fluffy and friendly. Collected by the City Council. Found on 22nd May on Monks Road, Lincoln. Please contact Lincoln City Council.

Lost Parrot 22/05

Congo African Grey, bright red tail feathers, twisted beak. Last seen on the 21st May on Hamilton Road, Alford.

Lost Dog 22/05

Long legged white and black Jack Russell. Lost on 22nd May in Gainsborough Whites Wood. Please call David on 07855 598176.

Lost Dog 21/05

Short Haired White Chihuahua Male, Chipped no collar. We think he was taken from our Garden in Heighington Village. Please contact Denise on 075517 22500

Found Dog 21/05

Jack Russell cross dog, found wandering around alone on the footpaths at Bloxholme. Recently groomed, wearing a dark collar with cream coloured stitching. Found on 20th May at Bloxholme. Please contact Nicky on 07985 372748.

Lost Cat 21/05

Short haired, white and black cat called Monty. He is neutered, chipped and very friendly. Lost on 17th May from Grimoldby, near Louth. Please contact Rachel on 07891 841817.

Lost Parrot 18/05

Lost Parrot, an african grey parrot called Charlie escaped from her carrying cage and flew off in the direction of Fulstow. Lost on 18th May from Grainthorpe, near Louth. Please contact Alison on 07539 249818.

Found Dogs 16/05

Two little white terriers have been found running on the road on Newark Road, they are now at The Plough on Newark Road, they are very friendly, but have no collar on. Please contact Dan on 07758 924327.

Found Cat 15/05

A smallish tabby has been in an open shed in our garden for over two weeks and we thought it was feral but today we saw he/she is wearing a collar or lead but around the neck and one leg. We are gently trying to catch it to cut this but the cat does not seem hurt/bothered. The harness/lead is multi-coloured, with an eyelet and we think it is fabric. Sex of cat as yet unknown. Found North Somercotes.

Lost Dog 14/05

Apricot/ginger blond labradoddle. Neutered male 12 years. Chipped also wearing a collar with tag. Looks very scruffy at the moment. From the Gosberton area. please call Lynn Kember on 07812 197511.  

Lost Cat 11/05

Chunky cream Siamese, she has a brown face, ears, paws and tail and has a speckled pattern. Lost on 10th May from Waddington. Please contact Kirstie on 07411 373297.

Lost Hawk 09/05

Harris Hawk, male, 2 years old, chestnut brown plumage, white tips on tail, big size bird buzzard like wearing brown anklets and jess straps still attached. Lost on 5th May from Sleaford. Please contact Leanne on 07803 311526.