Lost Pets

Our furry friends are important to us, but sometimes they decide to wander off on their own accord, if you’ve lost a pet or indeed found someone else's then please let us know, you can fill in the form below or phone our reception on 01522 549900. If you’ve lost a pet, then please check below to see if it’s on our list. We do ask that once your pet returns home, you let us know.

Lost and found pets below the form.

Lost Cat 20/06

10 year old, long haired, black cat. All black with grey whiskers. Chipped, but not wearing a collar. Lost on 14th June from Burton Waters. Please contact Kev on 01522 425178.

Lost Dog 18/06

Arthur is a 5 year old male, lemon and white Foxhound with a small scar on his side. Lost on 7th June from Belvior Road, Knipton. Please contact Lucianna on 07465 429069 or 07473 654745.

Lost Dog 17/06

A small red paterdale cross terrier with aged face. Missing front teeth. Lost on 28th May in Worlaby near Brigg. Please contact Heather on 07595 711059 or 07710 664446.

Lost Cat 13/06

Bengal male cat, 8 months old. Lost on 13th June from Lincoln Carlton Academy. Please contact Anna on 07907 061374.

Lost Dog 13/06

Yorkshire Terrier, Female 11 years old, Grey. Lost Saturday 9th June at Osgodby Woods near Market Rasen. Please contact Mr Brown on 07860 149669 there will be a reward to whoever finds her.  

Found Dog 12/06

Small white dog. Lost on 11th June from Woody Park, Sleaford Road, Boston. Please contact Simon on koyaanisqatsi_@hotmail.com. 

Lost Cat 11/06

Black and White female Cat. Lost on 10th June from Ermine East, Lincoln. Please contact Katie Stephenson on 07715 455737.

Lost Dog 11/06

Medium size Terrier/Labrador small white love heart shape on chest. Lost on 8th June from Hartsholme Area, Lincoln. Please contact Gail on 07553 158599.

Lost Cat 08/06

Black Female 10-12 months old moggie kitten (though almost an adult now but very small) wearing a red elasticated collar with bell. She is very vulnerable. Lost on Holly Street and Manse Avenue area close to the All Saints Parish Church. Please contact Scott on 07858 201115 or scottrp1983@gmail.com 

Lost Cat 07/06

Siamese cross, slender, black and white, 18 years old. Lost on 18th April 2017 from Wainfleet. Please contact Karen on 01754 229417 or 07725 942070.

Lost Cat 03/06

Tortoise shell kitten, 7 months old and answers to Juno. Lost on 2nd June from Wragby, Market Rasen. Please contact Hannah on 07721 208561.

Lost Cat 02/06

White and ginger, neutered, microchipped, male. Lost on 2nd June. Please contact Sarah on 07378 765426.

Lost Dog 29/05

Miniture Yorkshire Terrier, black and Tan, answers to the name Sam. Lost on 28th May from Stanley Street, Lincoln. Please contact David on 07922 657943.

Lost Dog 29/05

Border Terrier, brown, 6 years old, wearing a pink collar and recently chipped. Lost on 27th May from RAF Cranwell/ Leasingham. Please contact Thay on 07881 223165 or 07568 338193.

Lost Cat 29/05

Black and white, male cat, 1 and a half years old. All black, but stomach and under neck and around nose is white. Lost on 24th May in Boston. Please contact Attila on 07716 607330.

Lost Cat 29/05

Giger and white, 1 year old kitten. Wearing a gold collar with little crowns. Lost on 2nd February from Faldingworth. Please contact Megan on 07715 484626.

Lost Cat 29/05

Young black and white domestic shorthair (Tuxedo Cat) Answers to the name 'Crowley'. Mostly black, but has white paws that look like socks. Distinctive black mark on the nose and chin. White chest and stomach. Green eyes, microchipped, but no collar. Lost on 25th September from Boston. Please contact Karly on 07895 698150.

Lost Dog 29/05

White Lhasa Apso. Lost on 25th May on Cromwell Road, Grimsby. Please contact Jeanet on 07895 777710.

White lhasa apso

Found Dog 24/05

Small, Jack Russel. Found on 24th May in Faldingworth. Please contact Mr J Kenyon on 07900 908013.

Found Dog 22/05

Male, Huskey cross fluffy and friendly. Collected by the City Council. Found on 22nd May on Monks Road, Lincoln. Please contact Lincoln City Council.

Lost Parrot 22/05

Congo African Grey, bright red tail feathers, twisted beak. Last seen on the 21st May on Hamilton Road, Alford.

Lost Dog 22/05

Long legged white and black Jack Russell. Lost on 22nd May in Gainsborough Whites Wood. Please call David on 07855 598176.

Lost Dog 21/05

Short Haired White Chihuahua Male, Chipped no collar. We think he was taken from our Garden in Heighington Village. Please contact Denise on 075517 22500

Found Dog 21/05

Jack Russell cross dog, found wandering around alone on the footpaths at Bloxholme. Recently groomed, wearing a dark collar with cream coloured stitching. Found on 20th May at Bloxholme. Please contact Nicky on 07985 372748.

Lost Cat 21/05

Short haired, white and black cat called Monty. He is neutered, chipped and very friendly. Lost on 17th May from Grimoldby, near Louth. Please contact Rachel on 07891 841817.

Lost Parrot 18/05

Lost Parrot, an african grey parrot called Charlie escaped from her carrying cage and flew off in the direction of Fulstow. Lost on 18th May from Grainthorpe, near Louth. Please contact Alison on 07539 249818.

Found Dogs 16/05

Two little white terriers have been found running on the road on Newark Road, they are now at The Plough on Newark Road, they are very friendly, but have no collar on. Please contact Dan on 07758 924327.

Found Cat 15/05

A smallish tabby has been in an open shed in our garden for over two weeks and we thought it was feral but today we saw he/she is wearing a collar or lead but around the neck and one leg. We are gently trying to catch it to cut this but the cat does not seem hurt/bothered. The harness/lead is multi-coloured, with an eyelet and we think it is fabric. Sex of cat as yet unknown. Found North Somercotes.

Lost Dog 14/05

Apricot/ginger blond labradoddle. Neutered male 12 years. Chipped also wearing a collar with tag. Looks very scruffy at the moment. From the Gosberton area. please call Lynn Kember on 07812 197511.  

Lost Cat 11/05

Chunky cream Siamese, she has a brown face, ears, paws and tail and has a speckled pattern. Lost on 10th May from Waddington. Please contact Kirstie on 07411 373297.

Lost Hawk 09/05

Harris Hawk, male, 2 years old, chestnut brown plumage, white tips on tail, big size bird buzzard like wearing brown anklets and jess straps still attached. Lost on 5th May from Sleaford. Please contact Leanne on 07803 311526.

Found Cat 30/04

White and Ginger cat wandering around Mansgate Hill, Nettleton since last Friday. Please call Lisa on 07736 942012.

Lost Cat 30/04

Female, tabby cat, 6 months old. Lost on 27th April from Spanby, Mareham Lane, Sleaford. Please contact Naren on 07872 562324.

Found Cat 26/04

Grey female domestic short hair cat, very friendly, not microchipped but very friendly, expected to have recently had kittens. Found on 26th April in Boston. Please contact Charlotte on 07897 975807.

Lost Cat 24/04

Big tabby boy cat, black collar with rhinestones. Lost on 24th April from Birchwood, Lincoln. Please contact Nichola on 07813 066742.

Found Dog 23/04

Blond long haired Chihuahua cross maybe, female, no collar. Found on 23rd April on Birchwood Estate, Lincoln. Please contact Helen on 01522 684628.

Lost Cat 23/04

Long haired tabby cat, male, no collar and very friendly, neutered. Lost on 23rd April from Heighington. Please contact Kim on 07515 514640.

Lost Cat 19/04

Small, black, female cat with one white whisker above her right eye, she answers to the name of Cleo. Lost on 18th April around Parthian Avenue, Wyberton. Please contact Shanes on 07496 183301. 

Lost Cat 19/04

Black and white long haired cat, chipped and wearing a pink collar, named Holly and is 17. Lost on 15th April from Rasen Lane/Burton Road area in Lincoln. Please contact Jane on 07854 076052.

Lost Dog 16/04

Young German Wirehaired Pointer, black, white and grey. Lost on 16th April from Brant Road area, Lincoln. Please contact Miss Stopper on 07852 516781. 

Lost Cat 12/04

Female, ginger and white cat. Please contact Angela on 07738 288586.

Lost Cat 11/04

Tabby cat with white chest and white legs, male, about 12 years old. Lost on 5th April from North Hykeham. Please contact Lisa on 07757 312384 or 01522 805458.

Lost Dog 09/04

Ginger and white, staffie cross, wearing a pink and white collar and dark ears, named Roxi. Lost on 9th April from Immingham. Please contact Lisa on 07716 643906.

Lost Dog 03/04

Small black and white springer, female, named Bonnie. Lost on 2nd April from Sutton on Sea/Mablethorpe. Please contact Mark on 07835 625690.

Lost Dog 26/03

Black labrador dog, 6 years old, wearing a black collar with blue stitching on, contact name is on the collar and he is chipped. Lost on 21st March from Sudbrooke, Lincoln. Please contact Jackie on 07802 569129.

Lost Cat 24/03

Short haired, fully black, female cat, responds to the name Stevie, 1 and a half years old, no collar but chipped. Lost on 23rd March from North Thoresby. Please contact Helen on 07849 688239.

Lost Cat 22/03

Dark Grey Cat, yellow eyes, large build, around 3 years old, no collar, but is microchipped. Lost on 22nd March from near Boston College. Please contact Irina on 07912 119552.

Found Dog 22/03

Black Labrador running round Candlesby last seen 2.30pm.

Lost Dog 18/03

Light brown border terrier, very timid, wearing a distinctive pink bow collar, named Daisy. Lost on 18th March from Birchwood, Lincoln. Please contact Chris on 07869 690708.

Lost Cat 17/03

Norwegian forest cat, long haired, pale ginger and white with a bushy tale, named McCridhe. Lost on 12th March from Bilsby near Alford. Please contact Sandra on 07484 266681.

Found Dog 13/03

Youngish black/brown labrador cross is running round Dalby Hill area, last seen 10.30am. Please contact Janet on 01790 753557.

Lost Cat 11/03

Chocolate brown british shorthaired cat, around 7 years old, neutered, saggy tummy, microchipped, but no collar or tag, called Diesel but occasionally answers to cat. Lost on 7th March from Yarburgh, near Louth. Please contact Diane on 01507 363503.

Lost Dog 10/03

Chihuahua called Titch, wearing a red collar, microchipped. Lost on 7th March. Please contact Teresa on 07922 042157. 

Lost Cat 10/03

Male 4 year old tabby cat, black and brown colour all over, microchipped, scabs on his tail because he chases and bites it. Lost on 7th March from Barrowby Gate Area. Please contact Katie on 07516 594462.

Lost Dog 10/03

White and tan collie cross wearing a red collar named Brodie. Lost on 10th March from Charles Street West, West Parade. Please contact Alice on 07807 170406 or Iain on 07943 465262.

Lost Cat 09/03

Mowgli, white short haired, neutered male, microchipped, wearing a black and white skull and crossbones collar with a white skull bell and an ID tag. Elderly cat, right eye has recently been removed, under vet treatment. Lost on 7th March from Glebe Park, Lincoln. Please contact Nicki on 07812 590012.

Lost Dog 05/03

Springer Spaniel, female, should be having puppies this month. Lost on 28th January. Please contact Anna on 07806 744084.

Lost Cat 04/03

Fluffy, long haired female tabby with white on chest and neck, chipped and spayed, no collar. Lost on 27th February from Lady Smith Road Area, Weelsby Woods end. Please contact Suzanne on 07884 389368.

Lost Cat 03/03

Cat male, 3 years old, black and white. Lost on 1st March from West Halton. Please contact Thomas on vethomas709@gmail.com.

Lost Cat 03/03

Female, short haired cat, tabby coloured with a white chest and white legs, black collar, microchipped. Lost on 28th February from Dorrington, Main Street. Please contact Rachel on 07958 084016.

Lost Cat 02/03

Black and white male cat, neutered and chipped. Black mole on nose and white front leg. Lost on 25th February from Quadring. Please contact Alan on 07912 322708.

Lost Cat 26/02

Black and white cat and has a black beard, wearing a green collar and is called Rupert. Lost on 24th February from Oakfield Street, Monks Road, Lincoln. Please contact Anthony on 07772 178441.

Lost Dog 22/02

Brindle female Staffie, grey face, old. Lost 21st February from Sincil Bank, Lincoln. Please contact Mrs Dixon on 07982 635815.

Lost Cat 19/02

Small blue, grey male cat neutered microchipped quite friendly, wearing a red collar with disc with phone number on. Lost on 17th February from New Lane, Girton. Please contact Karina on 01522 778370.

Found Cat 19/02

Black long haired male cat with some white hairs around neck and shoulders, very friendly. Found on 19th February on Woodhall Drive area, Ermine East. Please contact Mrs Hopkinson on 07932 630682. 

Found Dog 18/02

Dog brindle/black. Found on 18th February in Wrangle, Boston. Please contact Neil on 07507 683000.

Found Dog 17/02

2 labradors, 1 black with scarring to the rear right leg and hindquarter looks like she's been to the vets recently and 1 sandy coloured, no collars or chips. Found on 17th February in Martin Moor Area. Please contact Martin on 01526 378270.

Lost Kitten 14/02

Black neutered male kitten, black paws and nose, wearing a white collar. Last seen near Broadway and Nettleham Road, Lincoln. Please contact Sam on 07832 549086.

Lost Dog 13/02

Black German Shepherd with a bit of brown on her legs. Shes wearing a red collar and a tag with the owners details on it. Lost in Walesby near Market Rasen. Please call Margaret on 01673 838508. 

Lost Cat 13/02

Male cat, 16 years old, black and white hairs in his coat, white bib and white bits on his belly, very friendly. Lost 4 weeks ago from Heckington. Please contact Paula on 07507 713644.

Lost Dog 13/02

Apricot coloured cockerpoo, wearing an orange harness. Lost on 12th February from Alford. Please contact Toni on 07872 959363.

Found Dogs 12/02

2 small dogs found loose at Shortferry, near Fiskerton. Found on 11th February on Ferry Road, Shortferry. Please contact Becky on 07731 119404.

Found Dog 11/02

Small dog. Found on 11th February on Outer Circle Drive, Lincoln. Please contact Mrs Tullet on 07546 480008.

Found Dog 11/02

Black whippet type dog with white flash to chest, intially wearing a pink jacket, neighbourhood keeping an eye on it but nobody can get near to it. Found on 9th February. Please contact Heather on 07917 086024.

Lost Cat 11/02

Grey Persian Indoor Cat, Lost on 11th February from Dunholme. Please contact Pam on 07912 892464.

Lost Cat 08/02

Grey short haired domestic cat female around 8 months old pink collar. Lost in Coningsby. Please call Brian on 07577 389363.

Lost Ferrets 08/02

2 white ferrets. Lost on 8th February from Newport, Lincoln. Please contact Mark on 07531 818384.

Lost Dog 06/02

Black/Brown border terrier with name tag Charlie. Lost on the 6th February 18 Manor North Hykeham. Please contact Stephen Marke on 07480 527616.

Found Dog 06/02

Small dog called Charlie, found roaming around happily. Found on 6th February in North Hykeham. Please contact Jayne on 07904 151429.

Lost Kitten 05/02

Light ginger kitten with a white tummy, white paws, and dark ginger splodges on his body. He's about 6 months old, quite shy and timid. No microchip or collar. Responds to the name Jasper. Last seen on 4th February near West Parade Lincoln. Please contact Helen on 01522 569619. 

Lost Cat 05/02

Black and white male cat, 3 years old, all white paws, back paws mostly white, chipped. Lost on 30th January from Dudley Road/St Anne's Street, Grantham. Please contact Thea on 07939 573007.

Found Dog 03/02

Black and white small cocker spaniel, female, no chip and no collar. Found on 3rd February in Ashby by Partney. Please contact Josephine on 07788 811233.

Lost Cat 02/02

Male, siamese, 2 years old, neutered and chipped, dark brown face, legs and tail, also has two distinct patches either side of hind legs. Lost on 26th January from Shiregate, Metheringham. Please contact Kirsty on 07539 215768.

Found Cat 30/01

Male un-neutered tabby possibly Bengal. Found on 1st December. Please contact Chai on 07779 218955.

Lost Cat 29/01

Male white and tabby cat, around 10 months old, Neutered. Lost on 29th January in Birchwood, Lincoln. Please contact Sarah on 07833 706792.