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Welcome to Lincs FM 102.2 information to help students in their research for advertising on Lincs FM.

Local commercial radio is an ideal medium for advertising messages.

When planning a campaign for an advertiser, there are several issues to consider.

The target audience - men , women, families can all be targeted individually, however the majority of campaigns are targeted to all adults, in order to achieve the broadest audience with disposable income.

The duration of the commercial, the majority of these are 30 seconds but can be shorter or longer

The production cost of the commercial

The weight of the campaign is important. Short campaigns require a higher number of commercials per day than a longer term campaign. Which is determined by the message to be broadcast and will have an effect on the cost.

While every campaign on Lincs FM is tailor made to each client, the cost of a campaign can be from £350 per week, with commercial production from approximately £100, which includes the writing and production of a professional script.

We hope this information is helpful to you and wish you success in your studies.